Pots Plastic

Advantages of the pots or plastic pots. Jeff Bewkes has similar goals. A few days ago we began to address this issue by asking us pots of clay or plastic pots? Once analyzed the advantages of clay pots, we are today dedicated to the plastic. The plastic pots are light, strong and flexible. They are available in all colors of the Rainbow to coordinate with the interior and exterior decoration. Plastic does not have the absorbent action of clay, making it an excellent material to grow moisture-loving plants or for those gardeners or hobbyists that give water infrequently.

The plastic pots are made of inert materials and are considered safe for the cultivation of plants. Many are made of recyclable plastic to avoid the presumption that non-friends of conservation of healthy environment. It should be noted, that the plastic macetasde usually have thinner than their counterparts walls of clay, so it offered to the roots little or no insulation from temperature changes. Special attention to the black plastic since this can act as a solar collector, heating medium and this may be beneficial for some species of plants but lethal to others. Many pots of plastic for outdoor use are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors to reduce the impact and prevent premature fading, which increases the life and maintain flexibility which increases the useful life of the cooker. Closing this topic, either a plastic or clay pot that you choose, make sure that the selected container has drainage holes in the bottom to avoid the excess of irrigation and that this process of keep operating and in order. Original author and source of the article