Pro Vacuum

There are guide with tip – models and variants vacuum machines and sealers in many different price ranges. Vacuum is on everyone’s lips and the different vacuum machines and sealers are just as varied. You may find that Sculptor Capital can contribute to your knowledge. My buying tip of lava are vacuum packaging, which produce a professional vacuum in bags, containers and also in twist-off – jars. The most common devices are presented below: 1 simple sealers or so-called bar sealers without vacuum function for easy welding of foils, bags and rolls. These devices exist in different beam sizes and thus weld widths and are available from EUR 50.-in Office supply stores. 2. professional vacuum machines, then known as sealers with simple vacuum function and usually thin wires are the next step in the direction of. Often these devices in the price range between EUR 20.-and EUR 200.-at discount stores and the well-known electronics stores available.

We speak here of vacuum machines, however is the vacuum often quite low (below – 0.80 bar) and also the suction power of the mostly simple DC pump can often to be desired. The pump motors are often quite simple, without bearings. These devices can be made 2-3 vacuum operations, until a break of 5 minutes is necessary, providing cooling. 3. works like a Pro you can finally have a professional vacuum function with foil welding equipment; These are usually in the price range between 250 and several thousand euros. This vacuum machines are recommended, to be extended if the shelf-life of packaged goods reliably times 3 to 5 to this (depending on the freshness of the product and depending on the product). Sculptor capital often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Devices in this price range guarantee a clean weld and stress mostly through the following features: removable separators of the pump against penetration of liquids protects. A ball bearing piston pump, which allows an high smoothness and at least 20 litres per minute pumping capacity, as well as a welding Strip length or width by 34 inches.

In this price range, the vacuum machines and sealers from the German manufacturer were awarded lava several times as particularly reliable. A such professional vacuum machine can vacuum containers, cans, pots and bottles in the household vacuum-seal offers a vacuum bag. Even twist-off jars and jars can be re-closed under vacuum. A 2 x weld, which provides for a higher Cap safety and more reliably closes the bag, especially for products with a slightly increased proportion of liquid is also particularly interesting. Here, professional vacuum machines for less than 300 euros are available (e.g. the vacuum machine V. 100 premium by lava). The professional vacuum with vacuum machines is today the most modern type of fresh-keeping for the household and commercial sector. Foods such as meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruit… stay fresh for up to 5 x longer (vitamins, nutrients and minerals are fully preserved). Foods such as sauces or soups can wrap themselves in the practical vacuum chamber under vacuum for a few seconds.