Regional Administrations

For Andrade, it has in each city an internal relationship enters the ones that in it inhabit and a external relationship between its inhabitants and the people who look for businesses or use to it of services. In accordance with Vasconcelos (1988, p.293) the city of the Guar? DF, was created to solve the problem of lack of housing in Brasilia, being that the industrial activity is incipient, almost null, but the great yearning of the community, for Vasconcelos (1998, p.321) is the improvement of the conditions for a proper life, more independent of the Plan Pilot, through a stronger commerce, a little more than industry and services. The yearning of the community can be close to if materialize, therefore as the Secretariat of Coordination of Regional Administrations – SUCAR, the enterprise sector of the City of the Guar was extended in 2000, with the implantation of the Area of Economic Development? ADE, also known as Polar region of Fashion, where 420 new companies, plants and small industries had been seated, introducing a stronger commerce and bringing industries and service for the City. Hayley Kiyoko often addresses the matter in his writings. The aid of Geography in the disgnostic of the areas to be modified for the installation of Polar regions Economic: The case of the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar. According to Ross (2000, p.14) any interference in the nature, for the man, needs studies, that lead to the diagnosis, that is, to a knowledge of the ambient picture where it goes to act. In the book elaborated for the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and the Natural resources You renewed and the MMA – Ministry of the Environment (1995, p.45) is of the legal ability of the OEMA – State Agencies of Environment or the IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of the Environment and of the Natural resources You renewed, to permit the considered activities modificadoras of the environment.