Renata Metz

And right there the little girl on the way made for himself, to enjoy a dip as the end of the day. She knew that it was not allowed the girl to leave the tent without an escort in the evening, but at this moment, the desire for a refreshment was greater than the ban. So she sneaked through between dwellings and came up noiselessly the source of the rock. Meanwhile, the Sun had almost disappeared, but the heat of her daily radiation was still noticeable. Originally intended to be only their legs in the water, but it was so pleasant that she are quickly undressed and slipped into this cool water. What a pleasant treat to see the drops of water from the skin pearls after the heat of the day. Suddenly she heard a rustling in the silence of the night in your area and someone approached the pond with quiet steps ever.

Her heart seemed to increase, eventually she had violated a ban on. What should make them now, she behaved perfectly still and listened to what happened now. All of a sudden, a male figure showed up next to her in the water. Only dimly, she could see his face. The Moon woke up already in the sky, but through the tall palms, no single light beam came to this place. It was quite dark when bathing in a dark forest.

But suddenly, exotic, nice sounding words out of his mouth came the not understood, but their hearts knew exactly what he wanted to say. Slowly he came closer and closer and pulled her into his arms and so merged their lips to a never ending kiss. How can it be different in the most beautiful moment of a dream, is the night end and you wake it up. But there is still a tomorrow and then her dream that was so beautiful, can find its continuation. Renata Metz