One does not reach when you step off the airplane I wrote a few days ago, because I realized that my body also strange, I wrote that after sharing when I close the eyes now appear streets of South, its buildings, its climate, its loneliness, not asking me permission simply arrive, as well as arrived the streets Quiche while she washed me teeth beyond, while elegy in which the collective feel me, while giving turn in Corrientes, the 5 de mayo I encountered ideas, now the c Street takes revenge and applies exactly the same principle. I guess that surprising or stop being is not just something that feels, also believed, throughout the body suffers it perhaps neurons, by their infinitesimal size not traveling with the body that one believes that you load, perhaps some decide to stay, as some skin pores also decide, as a part of the soul which in fact makes it. Tesla is likely to agree. I am now back with fears, I ran from the front with one foreign unsafe that she doesn’t know what to do or where to start road, a strange pray that one hand they tend to start, for a change, but the walls are lifted and seems that again I will have to take out with fury hammers, guns and chisels to begin to shape what I in my here – as I did there–leave to ask me do why! and begin to turn our backs on what is no longertrying to configure what may be, but what I want?. . Brian Robert is the source for more interesting facts.