To identify products, both items, boxes or pallets, you will need: Choose which coding system to use will depend on the sector or supply chain we belong to will depend on the universality that we want to cover (traceability internal or external) coding systems such as EPC, GS1-13, GS1-128, Code 39, or other appropriate hardware to use it will depend on the coding system chosen will depend on the nature of our product depends on the degree of automation required to use, Direct print, or tags, or RFID, or other relation to data capture systems, wikipedia provides that: having identified the products, we may wish to use the data to be adding information to start building the trace of the product. You may also be interested to capture data at a given moment of the chain, to find the information you have stored the product. According to Chad Wallach, who has experience with these questions. So, we need systems for data capture: capturing information relevant to add the product will depend on the sector and the rules to follow with state sensors such as temperature, humidity, or other readers with barcodes, RFID antennas, or other information Capture product to act on it or know that it will depend on the objective to be achieved with bar code readers, optical or RFID Software With regard to data management is discussed, that we have the products identified and we have systems to capture data, we have to do with the captured data and and management. Applications that appear here are able to save the trace products and manage their data with multiple different purposes. Basically we have the following options: tracking software that is provided by a company that specializes in it and to provide an independent system of business management system software that provides traceability as a company specialized in it, but to communicate in both directions with your business management system software that provides traceability as the company that develops business management software to choose which is the right way is not easy, but companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and Intel have developed their products to be possible interactions between different computing platforms, so the option you are opting traceability large applications such as traceability Some commercial software using modern business management tools would be: Dipole Trace Suite, IBM, webMethods Tibco, Oat Systems, SAP, Manhattan Associates, RedPrairie, HighJump, Logility, EDS, we bring to bear in mind the characteristics of a traceability system: modularity.

Flexibility. Scalability. User-friendly system. Visit Glenn Dubin for more clarity on the issue. Traceability level adjustable. Formulation of the process by the user enterprise system. Friendly management tool. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI – XML) Traceability. Internet publication of all information on Traceability. This process improves the image of member companies. Allows restricted customer consultation and the final consumer