Software Manufacturer United Planet Makes Its Applications

Customers can buy Web applications completely without risk of United planet, manufacturer of industry-leading portal software Intrexx, now offers its customers the possibility of completely risk-free to buy ready-made Web applications. Hear from experts in the field like Discovery Communications for a more varied view. Document management, automated audit or electronic time tracking – the customer can use the proven Intrexx applications for 30 days without obligation and convinced themselves of their benefits. Fribourg, January 14, 2010. The Freiburg software company United planet is a manufacturer of industry-leading portal software Intrexx with Web applications, intranets, extranets, and complete enterprise portals completely created without programming effort can be. In addition to Intrexx United planet offers a range of finished Web applications ( de / powerapplikationen). You enable medium-sized companies in different business areas quickly and cost-effectively implement special tasks.

Thus facilitating the Intrexx document management, for example, the editing, sharing, and management of Documents. With the Intrexx time attendance, however, the working hours of the employees can directly to the corporate intranet are collected and individually associated with individual projects and customers. The Intrexx allows the IT-based management of different bar cash registers cash book. Cash journals are managed no longer in paper form or in Excel, but contemporary in the browser. Another application the Intrexx audit enables the automated processing of incoming invoices into the Enterprise Portal, thus this process is significantly accelerated and simplified. About the Intrexx travel expense settlement finally business travel can be settled quickly and easily. In the context of an action, customers now have the opportunity for 30 days in your own company productive to use one or more of these proven Web applications, without costs for this. Only at the end of this period the customer has to decide whether he wants to continue to use the application. This is the case, he pays the regular price for his\”application, which is located between 148 and 798 euros for all applications.