Soup Of Crabs

12 Crabs 12 mussels ingredients 1 head of angler fish 1 onion 1 tomato 2 eggs 2.5 dl of white wine bay leaf parsley salt 4 people with medium difficulty elaboration is trafficking in a soup than a delicious taste, requiring a certain amount of preparation, because that requires peeling crabs. As the first operation, the whites and yolks of the eggs are separated and yolks are reserved. Then placed all the ingredients in a large pot, it is seasoned with salt and cook over low heat until broth is reduced in a pint, approximately. Visit QCOM for more clarity on the issue. After cooking, the ingredients of the pot are removed and it is separating the meat of crabs and mussels from the hard parts. The remains of monkfish be disposed, as well as the crabs legs, although the latter can be saved for any other use. Reserve the broth. Once crushed as far as possible, ingredients are passed through a Chinese strainer and then through a sieve. They are then placed in a pot with the broth and are linked with two egg yolks.

The soup is served in soup or bowls individual, adorned with a whole crab or with fried bread croutons. There are who should not take this soup at night, since seafood is a difficult to digest food, but if it is not too late dinner, it can also be a good dish for this time of day. This recipe is part of the new collection of sign editors about recipes and cooking. If you want more information on our websites, you can consult our website at: