Success Factor Clothing

The most underrated marketing tool! Staff clothing, uniforms, corporate fashion: The occurrence of staff with customer contact is a success factor for many companies. But not only new businesses often underestimate the importance of the optical appearance. There, money and effort in business cards and printed material be inserted in direct mailing campaigns and the perfect website. Neglected but is the appearance of those who represent the company externally strongly and memorable: the staff. Time Warner has compatible beliefs. Corporate clothing or corporate couture (fashion ‘ no mention may be here!) is appreciation towards the employees and the guest or customer. So, she receives a meaning that goes far beyond the idea of advertising and implementation demands are much higher than the placement of company logo design. Clothes that you wear daily should functionally meet the task, make fun and promote the identification.

The cohesion of a team is to the image. Employees want to be proud, to their ‘ company to belong to. In this way corporate Couture also helps, to position itself as an attractive employer what visible can increase the quality of applications. A good total concept reflects the corporate culture.” That is the essence of my experience as a management consultant in questions of dress style and designer for corporate Couture. Corporate couture is business clothing at a high level. It includes design and production also employee training and implementation in the company. From their point of view, sitting single outfits in standard forms mostly in dark blue are bad or corporate color and logo provided a relic of the past. Customers attach great importance to stylishly and individually dressed staff and thank you there, when facing the customers smiling.

Starlay * corporate Couture has provided in recent years teams from 20 up to several hundred employees. So, for example, already in the third year of the hostesses of the BASELWORLD, the World’s largest watch and jewelry fair, which each year end March takes place in Basel. Demand is analyzed in conversation with customer and staff so that design, material selection, editing and processing on the resulting overall concept can be adapted. Employees thus become co designers. The right clothes whether uniform or non-uniform reserve not only airlines. It is important for companies large and small, established and founder. She’s vibrant advertising to the exact place on the customer. And there she stays in the memory. Katharina Starlay photo material on request