Fear is an alarm that prevents us from progress that it paralyzes us, somehow is a defense mechanism but, as we know if it is fear, or respect or simply find the easy way to not feel pain against the changes that we have or we must experience if we want to achieve our goals? And if we are aware of us is paralyzing, as we can get to control it? They say that fear as mood created it in our interior. We ourselves create it by copying of behaviors that we’ve lived in our families, or mimicry of our environment. It is clear that we must be able to differentiate between fear as a specific emotion or a usual mood (behavior). Today it can be an excuse or refuge for inaction, not to change, to not feel pain and move forward. Do if you clear that you do not progress and that you are looking for a solution, why not start practicing the following? -You are aware that you have fear, you want to change this situation and you want to take charge of your life. Start by changing your perception of things in your mind, and not deny them until they happen.

Avoid locks front steps or changes that we can experience. Let’s start with small things, small daily achievements that will be making larger to the extent that we go picking up confidence in ourselves. -Prevents verbalize words like: no, and impossible. (Everything in life today is circumstantial, there may be something that is difficult and tomorrow may be highly probable)-we know that we want change, because we’re going for it, and the environment should not affect us. We are determined and do not care what others say. -Back on a term that few practice and that is extremely necessary: plan. We must be clear towards where we are going and we must plan how we will achieve our goals. -He starts to walk.

Activate you. Action. And finally look at this picture, you feel reflected? Do not really like? Because do something to change your face and your life.