The Species

They are these points that they make of the bees so efficient beings in the polinizao (KEVAN& BAKER, 1983; PROCTOR et al., 1996) North-eastern one of Brazil, studies carried through for Ducke (1907, 1908) make possible discovered of some species of bees. Later it is only that they had given to beginning the research with ecological approach and exactly thus still needs very enabled people, therefore the demand is weak (AGUIAR, 1995). It is of extreme importance to know the species of bee, later to understand better the structure of the communities, through comparative boardings between ecosystems and the inquiry of standards in the estruturao of these communities in Neotropical region (MARTINS, 1995; AGUIAR, 2005). Beyond being also important for the economy, therefore it is through the process (polinizao) made by them that it makes possible greater production of the fruits and still keeps the ecosystem. (ROUBIK, 1995).

According to COUTO and COUTO, 2002: ' ' The interaction between bees and plants guaranteed to vegetables the success in crossed polinizao that the vigor of the species constitutes in an important evolutiva adaptation of the plants, increasing, making possible new combinations of hereditary factors and increasing the production of fruits and sementes.' ' The survey of polinizadores in diverse cultures is made first with the materials collected and soon later identified, also for the protection and conservation of native bees in its habitat (NISHIDA, 1958. FAEGRE& PIJL, 1976; OAK et al, 1997; CARVALHO& YOU MARK, 1995). Some of the factors that lead to the scarcity of the native bees are the destruction of the trees, that finishes with the place where they live and depend, therefore cutting do not go to be hollow, that it is where the bees develop its beehive for armazenao of honey; the reduction of the native vegetation, therefore empobrecendo the amount of the plants consequentemente will diminish the amount of the food; still the destruction of the colonies, had the manipulation in the extration of the done honey for predators, also the man (MAYAN, 2004).

The Engineering

The definition of alfabetizao that UNESCO considers in 1958 make reference to reference the capacity to read comprehensively or to write related a short and simple statement to its daily life. Twenty years later, same UNESCO would consider another definition, characterizing the alfabetizao of functionary when enough so that the individuals can insert themselves adequately in its half one, being capable to play tasks where the reading, the writing and the calculation are demanded for its proper development and the development of its community. The qualitative functionary inserts the definition of the alfabetismo in the perspective of the sociocultural relativismo. Such definition already does not aim at to limit the ability to its simpler level (to read and to write cited simple statements to the daily life), but to shelter diverse degrees and types of abilities, in accordance with the necessities imposed for the economic contexts, sociocultural politicians or. We have that to have in mind that the functional alfabetismo this divided in three levels of distinction, that are: – Level 1: he is that one considered rudimentary, where the considered people of this level only obtain to read and to understand texts and short phrases.

– Level 2: they are those people with basic alfabetizao, obtain to read only short texts, but they have difficulties to extract information on the text. – Level 3: it is that call of full alfabetizao, where it approaches the people who possess full domain in the reading, writing, of the numbers and others. 5 CITIZENSHIP Citizenship is to substitute I for we, undressing of the egoism practising the engineering of the hope in the construction of bridges that lead to social justice. (Tadeu of the Rock) Citizenship comes of Latin ' ' civitas' ' , that it means city, was used in old Rome to assign to the situation politics of a person and its rights.

Krasilchik Process

In its context, the ideal pupil with its social experience in its locality is ignored. For the fact of the school not to have a real interlocutor, it is incapable to occupy its place of production of knowledge generated in the interaction between the daily world and the scientific one. (Similarly see: CBS). How much to the process of the position of curiosity and inquiry it can be propitiated by the mediation of the professor (LIBNEO, 1994). According to Krasilchik (2004, P. 12): In first the four series of basic education, each classroom has a responsible professor for all the areas of knowledge.

In the four last series, biology is part of disciplines sciences, that engloba also topical of physics and chemistry. Analysis of the proposals curricular of some federate units it indicates that only one period of 12% 15% of the escolaridade time is dedicated to the learning of sciences, with average of three lessons per week. Learn more on the subject from Joel and Ethan Coen. He is pleasant when a mutual relation of learning is had, since it estimates active participants in the process. To point out the process of education and learning in the new world is a question where it concerns a pertaining to school organization that also learns. To all these factors estimate the democratic management, the mutual respect, the pluralism of ideas, the Inter education and to multidiscipline, the integration with the community and the humanity to always learn in set with the others (PCN, 2001). In what she says respect to the management processes and administration of the school implies a coordinate action of the direction, pedagogical coordination and professors, each one fulfilling its responsibilities in the set of the pertaining to school action. The collective envolvement in the taking of decisions as well as the ways of joint of the school with agencies of the administration of the pertaining to school system and with the families, is enclosed in the process of democratic participation (LIBNEO, 1994).

Conclusion Science

In its conception the free man is that one that conceives virtues in its experiences, but respecting always its limits of understanding searching always its untiring key to discover the meaning of its existence and its complex intelligence that it stops is in God. The religion and science try of some form to take to the man explanations that the times runs away from the understanding of the incautos and maldosos, the faith not if it opposes science therefore both walk together, time that together work for the well bigger that it is the intellectual development and spiritual of a complete form in its essence and its complexity, thus searching, both, to offer one quality of life more good so that all can always grow with an orthodox vision of its existence searching its I in the depth of its soul through the knowledge and of its espiritualidade. Conclusion Science, in its ampler direction, enclosing an extensive gamma of phenomena, as much of the nature as of the society, admits a variety of approaches and methods, each one of appropriate them to the character of a specific object of inquiry. In the study, innumerable systems and scientific processes, directly do not appear related questions to the existence of God, or the dimension life spiritual. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. The religion, of course, has contributed very for the consolidation of the separatistas slight knowledge. The belief in the unit of the humanity, with its implications of equity and self-sacrificing love, is in the end of the accounts, a religious conception of the reality. The claim, then of that the multifaceted speech of today on the development of science is of great importance for the future of the humanity and that route would have to take in the love to the next one is an deserving subject of serious consideration. The complex and great differences, to the times, enter the thought of science and of the religion they must always have as center the man, its happiness and life, full life of character, of the dignity, the respect, equality, where all can walk for one alone destination. Add to your understanding with Bob Iger.

Burger King

With the slogan ' ' People make of its jeito' ' , the company wants to show to the public whom the quality possesss and the flavor that the consumers of today in such a way look for. The desire to continue to improve the line of products and the image of the company is one of the main characteristics of Burger King. Already the Subway, a restaurant of the same segment of the previous mark, was inaugurated in 1965, the city of Bridgeport, state of Connecticut, also in U.S.A. Vendia, and until today has as icon, sandwiches made in baguetes long (submarine form). Although the use of baguetes, took care of for the name of Pete? super s Submarines.

In 1968, in the inauguration of the fifth restaurant of the net, it only is that it started to use the Subway name. Currently, according to official site, is present in 92 countries with its 32,945 store, amongst them 431 in Brazil. In 1998, the Subway promoted a sandwich line with less than six gram of fat and if it became reference when it is about fast meal e, at the same time, healthful. To strengthen the positioning of the company, it takes care of for the slogan ' ' Gostoso and saudvel' ' , obtaining successfully to include in the world of fast food, exactly without those extreme fats. Now that already we know the responsible companies for outdoors? our object of study, we go to say of some techniques that the marks need to use to sobressair itself of excessively in a so expansivo and highly competitive market. Techniques for promotion of marks We can say that advertising is a dedicated professional activity to the act to become public (to divulge) ideas associates the companies, products or services. This spreading abuses a set of related techniques to the propaganda, with the main objective to take a person to the action of purchase and, posterior, satisfaction of its ego through this product or requested service.