Network Advertising Method Site

Tentorium company began using the network method to promote products for over 15 years ago when the Internet did not exist. So is it possible to build a successful online business without the Internet? Yes, of course you can, and life is shown. But today, when there was such a wonderful tool for communication as the Internet – why not use it in your business? To what extent? At your discretion. It is obvious that using the Internet today You can, for example, a more spectacular presentation of business directly from a computer screen, you can still do a lot of useful things and make your business more productive. But – as ever – the most in any computerized presentation will be mainly the credibility of the person who conducts, and that trust must first be earned. Discovery Communications is actively involved in the matter. When a presentation was held only at a table in the kitchen, office or cafe. Scheme business painted on all that came to hand. “Lessons on napkins” – you already know this book? Will the presentation of the business more efficient, only on the fact that instead of napkins will be a laptop? As before, the network business is business human relationships that need to build.

Computer & Internet can liberate you more time for building such good relations with your future partners, but will never be able to do it for you! You celebrating? Me – yes, because it means that we have nothing to do with you, experts in the organization of the network business – to build human relationships, not stay in any crisis. In our market – in the network business – Unemployment will never happen. Time Warner has similar goals. There will always be in short supply people are not afraid to try something new, ready to share their new knowledge and experiences with others by his example to lead them. And it is qualities such as rule, and are distinguished by successful networkers. Yes, today everyone in a few minutes may become the owner of my own site on the Internet. Not in vain for this there are many special services. Speaking candidly Paul James Ostling told us the story.

But your site and your business Internet – is not equivalent concepts. In order for the site turned into a business – traditional knowledge at the “pot” – is no longer enough. Looking for expertise in a number of specific areas such as copywriting, site promotion in search engines, etc. All this is also not much what science is, but before you climb in these areas should be clearly decide for yourself what you need it? In addition, the site – it costs. Time and money. According to our experience – on maintenance of the site in working condition goes from 4 to 8 hours a day and not less than 10-15 thousand rubles a month. You can do it? Then I wish you success and offer our help and support in this matter. Write to discuss – we have ideas on this subject. But this – beyond the necessary and sufficient for building a successful business program. In our school, success in network business with Tentorium – Internet use: – for distance learning our partners the most effective to date methods of doing business “in the real world” – as well as to liaise with them where we were and they were.

Proper MLM

But before you join a MLM. You enter by the company itself or by a person that you contact? There are many factors which are chosen the MLM right here you named two who work to choose a proper MLM and that are very important to take into account 1-sponsor: comes to be who you enroll you must know the person that you will sign and this person is willing to help you continue in this business MLM not only is there that contact either a meeting face-to-face or virtual way through skype Let’s say. The sponsor as I must be willing to help you and if you have tools to make better or know more about how attract prospects through strategies much better, because then if they don’t work you things because you should analyze why not go the results, there people because you do not get the results you turn to others and not even analyze if you got an error in the way 2-compensation plans: before registering must be knowledgeable of the different payments that has the company and that the product is appropriate so you can provideIf at the time of being inside the already registered multilevel wouldn’t correct one month and retire and you change to another MLM company because being in a company and move to another there is no seriousness on your part, I would think so. For me these two factors which I agree are important so that you can have desired revenue but it should be clear that it will not generate money fast way, you must work and in an organized manner, so control your time, prepares a suitable schedule to do so now as the multilevel enterprise and that they can offer you tools so you can learn how to get prospects into the business and you can generate money. Do you know of any company MLM that offers you tools?

Individual Entrepreneur

Deciding to start a business, you are facing a dilemma: which treatment to choose for its registration – sole proprietor or legal person? In the article the 'benefits' and 'shortcomings' of the two options. So you've decided engage in entrepreneurial activities, but do not know where to start. Starting business need to register. After all, illegal business could face an administrative fine or even professional responsibility. For a start you have to choose: Do you create a legal entity (eg llc or JSC), or to register as an individual entrepreneur (or as it is called private entrepreneur). Many might wonder what is better? The unequivocal answer to this question can not be. His one must find for himself. We can only consider the pros and cons of each legal status. "Plus" and "Cons" in quotes, because the same factor in different situations can be an advantage or a disadvantage, and this division is conditional. Consider some of the features of the legal status of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which should look for when choosing the legal form of business activity. Individual entrepreneur. Plus: 1. Individual entrepreneur pays less number of taxes and, in most, cases at lower rates than the legal person. Tax rates depends on the tax regime in which the entrepreneur operates. In carrying out activities on the basis of patent income of the entrepreneur is taxed at a rate of 3 percent (art. 375 Tax Code). When working on the basis of a simplified declaration of income is taxed at a rate of 3 percent to 7 percent depending on the amount (st.377 Tax Code).

British Airways Production

The answer to the question of how to do it, in our case, is through insight into the company as not producing a given set of products with its clear standards, technical conditions, and always engaged in interaction with individual customers. Traditional marketing, associated with mass production, poses a tough barrier between the production and distribution of the product, as well as – the production and design. In marketing relationships and, consequently, mass personalization of design, production and supply are combined into one business – a process aimed at solving specific problems of the buyer. It is important that the latter perceived the firm as a kaleidoscope in their hands, waiting for corporate behavior that same as that of a kaleidoscope of images – a unique surprise and admiration. It turns out that with the mass personalization, we have encountered long before most of this notion, namely, as consumers of services: whether it is a barber shop in which hair is discussed before the haircut, or a restaurant, where we prepare only those dishes that were pre-selected menu. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Walt Disney.

Not accidentally, the term relationship marketing was first came from the lips of a specialist in marketing services to Leonard Berry (Berry, 1983). Today, armed with the tools of CRM, the company services can achieve amazing practices of mass personalization. The example of company British Airways, described in one of the classic textbooks on the management of relationships with customers (Peppers etc., 134). One of the know-how is the onboard tracking of customer preferences (on-board customer-preference tracking). The system applies even to such 'Thin' parts of passenger service first and business – as a class supply of drinking water in the cabin. Typically, passengers receive water from the flight attendant if there is such a request, or to independently come up at any convenient time for a stand with water at the end of the cabin.

Draw A Parallel Between Business And Fishing

Want to talk on the theme "Small, Medium Business, what is it, what the general definitions, formulas, concepts, and what this" miracle "similar to our Russian fishing. Try searching for analogies, the parallels between businesses in the area of repair and production of spare parts for cranes and fishing season of winter and summer. The number of people in medium sized organizations and small fishing about the same 5-15 people. Option A: 5 people: This is a very simple format: the office with a telephone, office equipment, the director, an accountant-secretary, two workers vans for all occasions and at the best driver to transport. Option B: 15: office with two phones, office, accountant, secretary, chief Director, Managing Director, Businessman, head of production for repair cranes, mechanic – Hydraulics 4 people Fitter 3 men, electrician, welder, machine generalist 3 people driver, freight forwarder, and Storekeeper. In the future I find it easier and more interesting to talk about fishing, where the analogy to business is much more. How to start fishing? With a comprehensive training that includes: 1) Selecting a location for a loved one classes, remember, where last winter or summer better pecked what fish for what tackle, bait, baits, mormyshkas, time of day, all of which should be in your head and your navigator. If you have read about Leslie Moonves already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Next we learn how things other anglers summarize their information, extract useful and try not to meet on the river at the same time. To fishing has been more successful must make your fishing equipment: good ice pick, clothing, spinning, boat, motor well etc. and etc. Well, you know what I mean the way it's not pocket money, but the more you are better and more varied features, the greater the chance of fishing. Next time, we learn what happens with the weather: temperature, pressure, wind, moon, rain. Years of experience says that in all this "salad" the most important stability to several days were the same parameters, albeit not very successful for the person. Well, the strategy in very general terms, it is now possible to pond, by the way do not forget to take a good mood, lots of optimism and forgive me for half a liter of a fisherman with his brother, plus a reserve! Allocate time wisely most fishing the same thing is not unimportant. Early in the morning one fish pecks a little later another, respectively, of spaced gear, bait, directly related to the result! Own state health fisherman, all the excitement is welcome.

Yes, let's not forget about his majesty patience and perseverance. If all this add up, then we can say that someone is lucky and some do not. And try to tell me that luck and fortune grow from scratch and accompany lazy and boring. I suggest to go back and remember together on small and medium business. Did not like the process of fishing to pain known things as: a) a marketing analysis for business, and b) search for suppliers and consumers, and c) competition, g) technical equipment of the enterprise, and e) financial matters; e) personnel policies; g) planning and long-term projects, etc. When I look at business through the fishing polarized glasses as something more interesting, livelier obtained and more clearly, and not boring. Kind of like turns. Can someone agree with me, think about it, share his thoughts. So I wish you a happy fishing business in the vast Russian spaces.

Be Happy

Have you ever thought about what happiness is. Why do so many people complain that this concept is abstract and the person itself is very volatile nature and does not know what he wants at any given time, here’s why can not achieve absolute happiness. Of course, we are terribly complicated in nature, but we all passionately want to be happy. But sometimes themselves do not even know what we need to do this. And it might be worth a moment to forget about global dreams and turn their eyes to the little things that seem to be insignificant at first glance, but makes us – really happy, because of small things is mostly our whole life. Time Warner addresses the importance of the matter here. So let’s look at some of these “little things” who fail us to the cherished dream of the global. Check with Leslie Moonves to learn more. What should I do:

To plan and dream. Plan can not just leave and celebration of any cases and holidays, but just as you undertake the following weekends. And let in life will not be so nice and cool, but you get the real pleasure of her fantasies. When the holidays are behind us, the remembrance of them still turn out nice warm moments, even if everything was not too successful. This is a feature of human memory: remember the good and forget the bad. So take advantage of this phenomenal gift. plan, dreamed, remember! 2. Break the rhythm of life. Another problem of mankind in general, which I think keeps us from being happy – it is the monotony and routine.

Rapid Diagnosis Of Your Goals

Why develop goals? This prevents confusion and surprise, right? Really unclear what purpose – is a landmark, the direction in which we move and on the basis of which builds its way? Yes, the goal – is an indispensable assistant and right hand the head and businessman. But is it often we pay attention to the analysis and think through your goals? “I think about it tomorrow.” Exactly. To know more about this subject visit Walt Disney. We have time to address urgent problems, to unplanned meeting and razrulivanie “arose force majeure. We can easily find time suddenly the phone rang. And if we have time on our goals? YES!? Right now! You’re reading this, then have found a few spare minutes. Let’s use them efficiently for the benefit. All you need is a willingness to work and a little “coffee break”.

Pour yourself a fragrant cup of tea or coffee and begin. Only 10 minutes, and you will surprise result. We are now very close we come to our goals and closely work with them. Please note that the task is performed sequentially, in steps. So, let’s begin. Step 1. Take a blank sheet of A4 and the nearest target record in business / in your department, as you would normally define for itself the goal.

Step 2. Read carefully recorded and objective answer to the question: what exactly should I do? The answer to this question is formulated as precisely and we write a goal. Step 3. Focusing on the goal, identify and record: What criteria will you measure results? How will the outcome be measured? Recorded? Okay, moving on. Step 4. Identify and write down what you need to achieve this goal? What resources do you have? What else is needed? Step 5. Think and write. Why carry out this goal? Why is this goal important to you? What it will lead? What do you get to reach specific targets? Step 6.Vnov reread recorded goal and answer questions. In what terms need to achieve your goal? How long will you need? By what date is necessary result? Step 7. So, the goal is described in detail and taken into account all the details. Sound approach to business! Most likely, in the course of the implementation steps you need to change the wording of your goal, it’s great! It has changed and become more accurate and focused on what’s really important to you and Necessary, to come back to the original statement of your goals and analyze it. Read your original target and rate it according to criteria setting goals.