Google Shoppping

This week, the days 16 and 17 March, have been held in Pavilion 6 of IFEMA in Madrid parallel these two fairs. On the one hand Omexpo, where the main topics are digital marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media. The other Expo e-commerce, linked to the spaces of e-commerce, payment methods, logistics operators and online sales. So it can be seen that both are complementary to the good development in an Internet business. This year participated, (if you join two fairs), more than 18,500 people, far exceeding 10,000 visitors of the previous year. Events that you could enjoy were workshops, seminars and training.

In Omexpo involved over 120 exhibitors and Expo e-commerce more than 50 booths. It is important to assess these fairs and invest our time getting to know them further, participating in seminars and workshops where there is always something to learn. Him to be in contact with others who work in a common channel as the Internet helps us to open our vision out of traditional media. In these events you can enjoy of an entrepreneurial environment where fragmented ideas of our projects can be joined due to the probable existence of a service provider that solve us the aspects that we could not resolve on their own. If a networking, will miss without entering to assess organized by the Correos stand. From my personal experience I highlight the good organization of the event but be overwhelmed sometimes spaces intended for conferences by the good number of visitors. In one of them citing something of what we talked earlier in this blog, Google Shoppping and Google Merchant. Your rapporteur Ezequiel Vidra we explained how we can achieve our space of electronic commerce to participate actively in the future comparator immediately in Adwords campaigns and Google in Spain. Click Celina Dubin, New York City to learn more. I commend to all people that are interested in improving their knowledge about Internet business that will come to all of these events assiduous way. If you did not go to this unless you know a video of what happened between the walls of Pavilion 6 of Ifema, (Omexpo side). What again by Omexpo and Expo 2011 e-commerce, online development fairs?