CeBIT 2011 – New VoIP And 3G-Gateways

New TELES VoIP-ISDN and mobile gateways for AllNet, forth alarm, Komsa and Michael Telecom Berlin, 17.02.2011. There is information about TELES products at CeBIT (01.03.2011 till 05.03.2011) on the stands of the distributors of AllNet (Hall 13, C57), forth alarm (Hall 15, H05), Komsa (Hall 12, C69) and Michael Telecom (Hall 14, H30). The focus is on the products of the Division of access gateways: iGATE the VoIP-ISDN gateway VoIPBox product line, the compact GSM and 3G-Gateways of the ECOTEL product line and the mobile gateways in the 19-inch housing of the product line. The VoIPBox product line, as well as the 3G-Gateways of the ECOTEL product line are new for resellers and systems integrators. VoIP-ISDN gateways allow for any hybrid infrastructures with the VoIP-ISDN gateway TELES VoIPBox product line with ISDN and VoIP components realize nearly any hybrid infrastructures in companies of every size.

For example, companies can connect existing ISDN PBX to SIP trunks or integrate new VoIP PBX ISDN-based fax server. For this purpose, the VoIPBox gateways offer four to 180 VoIP channels as well as two to eight ISDN 2 S0 – interfaces or one to six S2M interfaces. When connecting an existing ISDN PBX to a VoIP telephone line, the usual ISDN features are available using the VoIPBox. Take also allows the autoconfiguration the VoIPBox, the gateway via Plug-and-Play”operation. Applications by field service technicians or manual settings on the device are eliminated. By ease of use and fair prices attractive to dealers, the VoIP-ISDN gateway of product line VoIPBox cover all combinations of VoIP and ISDN. “While the devices for each technician are easy to configure and available at an attractive price”, Elke said Furrier, Sales Manager DACH at TELES.

In particular the high user friendliness, fair pricing and margins the VoIPBox for dealer make.” List prices start with 411 euros for the entry level model with two S0 and four voice ports. GSM gateway portfolio with new 3G-gateways in available information about the new TELES ECOTEL 3 G Gateway with two or four UMTS channels for voice and data transmission stalls distribution partner of TELES up HSDPA speed. TELES ECOTEL connect 3 G Gateway facilities without fixed network connection via mobile phone telecommunications networks, for example construction offices, vehicles and inland waterway vessels. Depending on the model, ECOTEL all common interfaces offer 3 G Gateway: VoIP, FXO, FXS and S0. Furthermore TELES provides a complete portfolio of compact ECOTEL GSM gateways with one to four channels, including the 2010 of the kind of taken over ECOTEL GSM classic gateways, as well as modular TELES iGATE mobile gateways with up to 32 channels in the 19-inch housing. TELES ECOTEL GSM gateways and TELES iGATE systems reduce connection costs in the mobile networks or provide fall-back solutions for power failures. Contact at the fair on the stands of AllNet, forth alarm, Komsa and Michael Telecom is specialized staff are available, the Dealer and company support in the selection of suitable TELES access gateway and answers basic questions about usage and installation. In addition dealer can arrange appointments with sale of TELES in the run-up to CeBIT.

Panasonic Lumix TZ10 – About 40 Percent Cheaper Test Winner!

Almost every month get new digital cameras on the market. The market is more complex. Pending the purchase of a new digital camera? Then the choice starts here! The offer is still hard to overlook. The price certainly plays an essential role in the planned acquisition. As well as the usage purpose, which influenced the decision. Among other things, the test results help the layman”. Because the comparison of comparable cameras usually tests the most important aspects; for example sensor (pixel value) lens (image quality!) Zoom (optical and digital zoom) image stabilizer (wiggle”) power consumption white balance display and search facilities of the camera is processing a digital camera priced 150 and 250 in question? Then there is a recommendation of the experts: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 has here claimed as a summary test winner. served as the basis of this result the different test of Stiftung Warentest, PC world, Shutterbug, photo video and photo. Summary test results here. More test results: “Chip (23.02.2010)”: back to the best quote (conclusion): anyone who goes with the TZ10 on travel, is well equipped. See David Zaslav for more details and insights. The camera is handy, and yet offers a large zoom range. It allows for but also manual intervention with handy automatic functions, spoiled. The image quality has heard visible set to now to the best of the travel zoom cameras. A practical HD movie function and GPS complete the positive impression”. ComputerBILD”: quote:”the photos of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 were sharp and rich in detail.

The camera records videos with 1280 x 720 pixels in HDTV quality. The stereo sound sounded clear, language was easy to understand. The stabilizer creates almost four f-stops in the tele setting. The TZ10 also manual controls, as well as storing up locations by GPS”. Positively assessed were: large zoom range, built-in GPS positioning, HDTV video recordings, many automatic functions, manual setting options. Negative: GPS handling poorly documented, small buttons, no printed manual. Digital PHOTO: place 1 quote: all tested cameras can come up with the note “good”. The Panasonic DMC-TZ10 (82,29 points) is in as test winner, mainly due to the better performance of the figure and the larger facilities. Just whipped loser goes out the Nikon Coolpix S8000 from this test (76,14 points) “the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 is advisable on the one hand as the ideal travel camera, as well as as a companion suitable for everyday use.” Panasonic has done everything right with the evolution of the previous model. Overall, this Lumix is a good buy recommendation. Also because of the price! Direct from the manufacturer, the camera is offered just about 40% cheaper.

IDTRONIC Presents Its New Bluebox UHF Mid Range Controller

PRESS release of iDTRONIC iDTRONIC, a leading provider of RFID hardware, introduces its bluebox UHF mid range controller. The bluebox UHF mid range is available with internal or external antenna controller. Both devices are suitable for UHF 865-915 MHz, ETSI and FCC applications. The bluebox UHF mid range controller is able ISO18000-6 C tags including EPC Gen2 at a distance of up to 3 meters to read / write. The outstanding possibilities of the new blue box UHF mid range make it easy to fit a variety of applications such as logistics inventory control and parking controller.

Characteristics of the iDTRONIC UHF mid range controller: supports ISO 18000-6C (incl. C1G2) with external or integrated antenna available software configurable frequency (865-915 MHz) RF range up to 3 metres maximum RF power 27dBm (software adjustable) RS232/RS485, Ethernet or Profibus interface 2 digital outputs (relevant) 2 digital inputs with optical isolation easy configuration and firmware upgrade CE-approval + IP65 Applications: Logistics production monitoring car park access of iDTRONIC professional RFID offers a complete range of BLUEBOX controller, readers and antennas for all typical RFID frequencies (UHF, HF, LF). In addition to the BLUEBOX product range iDTRONIC professional RFID offers mobile data terminals with integrated iDTRONIC RFID technology and special RFID tags and transponders for professional use. For more information about the iDTRONIC professional RFID products and an offer, please send an email to or visit our current Web page. IDTRONIC electronic identification specialist for professional RFID hardware iDTRONIC GmbH is a leading provider of professional RFID readers and RFID tags / tag. The emphasis is focused on applications such as industrial, asset tracking, logistics, data acquisition, supply chain management, and warehouse management. System-iDTRONIC products all standards ISO15693 and ISO14443, 125 kHz, UHF 2,45GHz actively support. The Product range is ideally tailored to the needs of system integrators and can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

Vacuum Cleaners With Dust Bag

The little helpers of everyday life, such as the vacuum cleaner, evolve constantly. Exactly this can be but make it clear that improvements are not always helpful and effective. Living with the future of our world and we experience this development on a daily basis. No segment of our everyday remains unaffected. So, cars are always faster and technically modern computer. But also the little helpers of everyday life, such as the vacuum cleaner bag or pouch, continue to evolve. “Exactly this can be but make it clear that improvements” are not always helpful and effective. So has shown in the past that vacuum cleaner, sucking without the bag, often cause more effort than those who provide interchangeable vacuum cleaner bags.

The practice proves this. A vacuum cleaner creates less vacuum bag (more specifically with integrated bag) often, because the built-in bag is not completely resealed. Thus he loses suction line. Check out Robert Iger for additional information. Repeatedly sucking on the same place and missing deep cleaning, for example, at Carpets, are the result. When a vacuum cleaner bag the suction stays, however.

The new bags have dust filtration, which no longer return the dust in the air, and have thus also a good anti-allergen protection. Still, the vacuum cleaner make full suction power with bag up to the maximum. A bagless vacuum cleaner could not convince in a test here. Despite moderate content insufficient KORNBERG force, to take up the dirt from the floor. At first glance, its use may seem easier, but appearances are deceptive. After a bagless vacuum cleaner can record often only half as much dirt as a vacuum cleaner bag, he needs to be emptied accordingly more often. To do this, staked the essay and the content, so the dirt dumped in a garbage can. The previously sucked dust once again enters the air and this sticks to the surrounding areas. Often, even a filter that needs to be extended so that it can be cleaned is located in the essay. It keeps clean hands in this step, do not. The handling of a conventional vacuum cleaner bag is much easier. Once the bag is full, you open the door. With the strap that sits directly underneath the bag opening, it closes it before removing, to avoid dust there. The bag is disposed of and a new inserted into the vacuum cleaner. A filter cleaning is eliminated. Hands and the surrounding area remain clean. The consideration of the financial aspect also leaves room for a comparison. Although no further for bag costs after purchasing a vacuum cleaner without bag. But offsetting the effort remains intact. Bag vacuum cleaner are very durable, easier to use and therefore also not as expensive, as is often assumed.

The CRT Televisions

Apple TV (2.Generation): what to do when the good old CRT televisions is only SCART? Who is an apple TV (2.Generation) increases, but would like to adhere to his good old CRT TVs, which had no ways to connect the HDMI output with the CRT TVs so far. The ViTecco GmbH from Ronnenberg brings a signal converter on the market, with which this gap is closed now with the SU 191. The HDMI signal is thereby converted to composite video or S-video, and connected to the TV using the SCART adapter. The device is now available at a price of EUR 128,-. Go to CBS for more information. With the SU 191, the ViTecco team can once again help the apple users; Apple TV (1.Generation), it was the SU 315 of ViTecco, which makes possible the connection to the good old CRT TVs. ViTecco is a medium-sized, owner-managed company which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and since then in the fields of development, production, sales and service of video electronics products for the Specializes in consumer electronics, for the video presentation and technical television. By ViTecco delivering the problem solver in the areas of home-video / home theater / hobby film, video installations in industry, trade and commerce as well as at schools and Government agencies, and in medical technology, surveillance video, presentation technique (called entertainment or information) at events, in sales rooms, Sportsbooks, sky-sportsbars, or in the pub next door… anywhere where distributed video signals and / or to be switched: switch, Distributor, separation stage, converter, HDMI distribution, HDMI switch, Signal converter, Switcher, copy amplifiers, etc..

The Very Warm And Colored Light – The Light-emitting Diode

A very amazing product of the electrical engineering begins the history of the light-emitting diodes actually in the years 1846, when the German scientist Ferdinand Braun revealed his discovery about the specific conductivity of crystals, however he could not explain unfortunately still to this point, why these crystals cause the lighting, if it brings them power. This Declaration was given only about 60 years later by a French scientist, which could prove that inorganic substances to flow through electrical voltage begin to light up. Some 20 years later a Russian scientist took over this discovery held until then for a phenomenon and developed it further. From 1951, it was then a thanks to the development of a transistor rapidly, because different inorganic substances could begin to glow with its connection. At the beginning of the 1960s, the luminosity of this semiconductor has 0.1 lumens on over 100 lumen increased now. The first light-emitting diodes, as we know it today, were been created.

It took but a few years, until the technology was mature enough that even different colored LEDs into production could go. Up to the present day, the white light-emitting diodes have reached their optimum light output of 208 lumen, but is currently further research as not only the brilliance of coloured LEDs can be increased, but is to make production faster and above all also cheaper. That however the warm-white light has a lower luminosity than the cold white, could be not to unravel so far yet. However, the scientists have found out that the led especially suited for the solar lamps, because they already have a Flash duration of nearly 8 hours in low sunlight. A very amazing product of electrical engineering is applied more and more in everyday lighting and as a source of light in rooms of all kinds. Private lighting, lighting, there is talk of this, used decorative LED in the lighting of whole streets and high walls no event illumination is more feasible without LED lighting.

Even in cars, garden houses or hobby cellars, the LED is lighting more and more to a bright and warm bulbs. More options can be very specified where the LEDs because of their flexibility in light waves provide good services. Here, it is about medicinal equipment technique there these lamps used with ultraviolet light to the nuclear preparation of plastics (polymerization). Also, the LEDs in the skin rejuvenation therapy have become an often-used treatment option. Already you could calculate lighting the following for the LED: to take power (in watts) a LED lamp four and get just the wattage that needs a light bulb with light yarn to produce exactly the same luminosity. Since 2009 now this factorial on special halogen lamps is true, which are more economical energy than conventional light sources, which luminaires with tungsten, to 30 percent. For 2010, the approximate ratio of 1:10 has been reached in the LED sector. The most likely a radiant brightness of circa maximum 208 lumens per watt achieve abundant LED bulbs with clear white light. The technically as computed maximum is about 350 lumens per watt, this would be the full transmission of light (“100 percent radiation performance”). This performance depends on specifically said also by the color from a warm and bright white LED bulb uses less wattage than a cold and white bright LED.

Data A Laboratory Mini – MSR 165 Data Logger

Small size, maximum storage capacity. The MSR 165 offers small size and a high rate of memory. The data loggers MSR 165 a data laboratory in mini format. With a size of only 39 x 23 x 72 mm, it requires little space and is easy to transport. The MSR 165 is a further development of the MSR 145 and can collect also vibrations on three axes in addition to air pressure, temperature, humidity and light changes and save. Just this small miracle of memory has re-recorded the PCE Germany GmbH in its product portfolio. Acceleration, vibration and shock measurements with the MSR 165 can make up to a measurement frequency of 1 kHz.

This is the area usually required the user to zu 15 g possible. In addition the data loggers MSR 165 records already readings 32ms before the actual event, since it can be often needed to learn the history of an event or shocks. Central component of the MSR 165 is the 3-axis digital accelerometer-sensor and measurements with the built-in lithium-polymer battery can be of carry up to half a year. A boost of memory is also possible via SD card. During the measurement, or just after, the measured data via USB cable to the computer can be evaluated. The data are evaluated using the software included, providing concise reports and charts.

Hereby, the user can evaluate up to 2,000,000 evaluated readings and further processing. With the measured values, the user can draw conclusions about whether a tool is not working properly, a machine is overloaded, a service on certain components needed or whether vibrations to other parts transmitted in a machine. Application of MSR 165 include applications in the industry, including the machines and test benches. In addition he applied in the transport monitoring, to shock, to be able to detect temperature, humidity or pressure. In other cases, there can be question to monitor servo-axis vibration or to measure the vibrations on a turret. But also measurements that should capture the brightness in a room or in a vessel, are possible with the MSR 165. This enables the integrated light sensor, which can capture values from 0 to 300 lx and its maximum sensitivity when 580 nm reaches. The housing of the MSR 165 is an anodized aluminum casing and waterproof. For more information interested parties see:…

Box Vo

At the VoIPBox BRI the number after the name of the model series indicates the number of the BRI ports, at the VoIPBox PRI the number of VoIP channels (SIP and H. 323). All compact mobile gateways with one to four GSM channels include ECOTEL GSM range. Perhaps check out Robert Iger for more information. Devices with the addition of classic”come from the product line acquired by four of a kind. 3 G UMTS/HSDPA channels have all products in the range ECOTEL. On all models, the number behind the model series designation indicates the number of mobile radio channels. Advanced device names provide detailed information to the other interfaces, for example the number of FXO -, FXS – or BRI ports. The multichannel mobile gateway systems of product line iGATE are also available as iGATE GSM GSM modules with iGATE 3 G UMTS/HSDPA modules. All of the product line systems iGATE are 19-inch rack systems. Product overview line VoIPBox VoIPBox BRI-2 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 2 BRI ports VoIPBox BRI 4 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 4 BRI ports VoIPBox BRI-8 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 8 BRI ports VoIPBox PRI-16-PRI-180 VoIP-ISDN gateway with 16 to 180 VoIP channels (SIP and H. 323) product line ECOTEL ECOTEL GSM-GSM gateway with two channels (formerly VoIPBOX GSM) ECOTEL GSM-4 GSM gateway with four channels (formerly VoIPBOX GSM) ECOTEL GSM-1 classic GSM gateway channel (formerly quads) ECOTEL GSM-2 classic GSM gateway with two channels (formerly quads) ECOTEL classic GSM gateway with four channels (formerly quads) ECOTEL GSM-4 3G-2 UMTS gateway with two channels (formerly VoIPBOX UMTS) ECOTEL 3G-4 UMTS gateway with four channels ()formerly VoIPBOX UMTS) product line iGATE iGATE multichannel GSM-gateway GSM-4s to GSM-32 with 4 to 32 channels of iGATE 3G-4 up 3G-32 multichannel UMTS gateway with 4 to 32 channels

Cochlear Announces Upgrade Again For CI Processors In

Nucleus 5 sound processor for nucleus 24 CI carrier nucleus 5 becomes available sound processor CP810 of the world’s leading CI manufacturer cochlear from February/March 2011 for makers of the nucleus 24 implant (introduced in 1997), as well as the nucleus freedom implant will be available. CBS wanted to know more. More efficient, leaner, and more stable nucleus 5 sound processor offers an even better listening experience. The upgrade package also includes the corresponding remote CR110. With the introduction of the current processor upgrades, cochlear once again underscores his self-image as a lifetime partner of all modes of its solutions. The nucleus 5 sound processor offers a significantly improved listening performance by an average 12 percent in the program noise”and an improvement of 30 percent with active zoom setting when compared to the previous solution. Advanced, intelligent signal before processing technology as well as two complete microphones for an improved directional hearing provide for easier understanding in noise.

By its narrow shape the new sound processor ensures a very good comfort; “his attractive and at the same time very stable design housing was in the last year even with a red dot award” honored. Also, the CP810 has a bi-directional remote control and automatic phone detection for inductive hearing. Prospects for a possible upgrade of the sound processor should consult their CI clinic or from a service partner the company cochlear. A temporary supply of a sample device it is also possible here by prior arrangement with any waiting time. The required adjustment is carried out in the clinic. After a three-week period of getting used to the clinic then performs a Vergleichshortest with old and new processor and issued a regulation if necessary. Protocol of tests and regulation may submit the CI carrier together with a quote from his insurance company. This assumes the costs, the applicant receives the new sound processor in its each colour of choice with all accessories.

Looking For The Perfect TV

How to find himself in the vast TV market your way today to days variations in the technology market has much to offer. It is a hardly a wish unfulfilled because there’s really almost nothing which does not exist yet. Because one wants to wish back but sometimes smooth for a couple of decades. Back in a time where a television was just a TV. In the decision-making process, it was in the best case the unit size or maximum to the design or the material execution. While it is not far from remained but because today you must choose more criteria. Not only that TV today all possible variations, sizes, shapes and colors have the technical details go more and more in the width. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeffrey L. Bewkes.

So it is now also the decision it now should be a LED or an LCD TV but. Or why not a plasma device? In addition to the techniques change constantly and there are always newer and better innovations to market. If there still detailed insight keeps the hat was pulled before. That different providers specialize on different devices and these hot especially good addition yet. So it happens then, that in the first shop of the LCD-TV is the rage, and hardly is in the next shop is again the LED TV the absolute must have”. If you therefore seriously planning to buy a new device, you should contact therefore carefully definitely by various sources.

The Internet goes one of course firstly, fierce Forum discussions and supposed expert opinions are found so quickly. Nevertheless it can’t hurt also, to explain various machines directly in the store. This rule of course, it appears intended to purchase, the friendly will advise you. Now that’s settled times, how to get to the correct device, but where you best actually acquires it remains each up to. Felix Prinz