Central Asia

Woodcock is a typical forest bird. Woodcock – migratory bird nests in it throughout the forest zone, as well as places in the forest steppe. Some contend that Coen brothers shows great expertise in this. Overwinters woodcock in the Crimea, the Caucasus, and in some places in Central Asia, and woodcock flies and western Europe. Normal weight of the average value of sandpiper 270 – 300 gr. in the spring, and 340-400 grams., during the autumn flight, maximum weight 440 gr., average – 350 grams. The length of birds from the tip of beak to end of tail 340-360 mm. Coen brothers is often quoted as being for or against this. The male is usually slightly larger than females.

On ornithological data limit Woodcock age 12 years is defined. In the guise of a woodcock, above all, stands out quite a large head, angular at the sides and with a high forehead, which has a long beak, reaching sizes of 80 mm. As a representative of forest-land of birds, woodcock, like chicken, adapted to forest life. This adaptation is expressed in rounded form, short wings, a significant shortness feet, plumage coloration, similar to the general background of forest litter. Therefore, the woodcock is capable of taking off, get out of a wreath of branches and spirally around the trunk to climb. Even raising the woodcock in the woods, it is impossible to guess his flight. He can fly along edge of the bottom and immediately wrapped in a timber progalok, can go climb whirl up a candle to the top of the tree and dive into it. Not have time to gasp and raise the gun.

November Water

Catching bass for that matter, and other fish, requires some knowledge of exactly how and where to catch him. Perch – a fish in rivers and lakes, is growing slowly, but the largest specimens may reach a weight of about five pounds. Catching redfish You can practically throughout the year, but especially good ice fishing for perch. Very good bass bite in November or early in the first ice, as well as with the last ice. The rivers and lakes, favorite perch habitat – is the pits, whirlpools, with snags, places with lots of seaweed along the shore, tumbled into the water with trees and shrubs. Okun is the daily life, and you can catch it from dawn to late sunset. At night, the bass is in the pits and half asleep no activity. In recent months, Robert Iger has been very successful. The only exceptions are the May and June, and then only in the northern regions, where at this time and at night you can catch a good bass.

Discover the place of feeding bass can be in the water receding juvenile – This means there are actively feeding bass. In the summer in very hot weather, bass hiding in the depths. Catching redfish in the summer can be almost any bait, perch almost omnivorous. Tackle for catching bass, too, can be selected as different, and this rod, and spinning, and prodolnik. During the summer fishing perch can be fished successfully with both shore and from boats. When fishing with spinning, it is important to cast lures into the place where the perch fry and hunting is just as important to be able to competently to lure near the bottom.

In areas with dense vegetation on the river, you need to properly maintain the floor in spoon of water. When fishing the bait bass is important to know how to strike with biting. When perch swallows the bait, he drowns float in water, so you need only strike after the float will disappear in the water. During the winter fishing for bass is very good bite on small perch and mormyshku spinners. For winter bass picks deep holes in good water with a sandy, muddy or rocky bottom. Determine the encampments perch on any grounds possible. This winter fishing for perch at a loss. But the bigger perch, the further away from the coast, he goes into hibernation. Change wintering encampment perch can only be, if its something to be disturbed.