Daily Flat Rate UMTS

24 hours online a daily flat rate, you can with a daily flat rate to use the UMTS network for 24 hours. Already as a price of 2.50 euros, you can use the daily flat rate. The daily data volume is 1 gigabyte. Mobile Internet is more interesting for the people. You can thanks to a fast UMTS connection to enjoy mobile Internet everywhere with a very high speed. UMTS is an evolution of the existing GSM network.

With the GSM network, it was possible to reach speeds of up to 56 kbit / s. In the course of time, this speed was no longer sufficient. The Web pages have been designed ever more elaborate, more pictures were used. Also the storage size for a Web page is increased due to the increased number of images. It took several minutes until the Web page is completely loaded by the slow 56 kbit / s.

With UMTS, the speed has been increased. Maximum 384 kbit / s can be achieved with UMTS. This speed is more than sufficient. Web pages can be called or move email messages with or without attachments are sent. Almost all new mobile phones support UMTS. Also the data Turbo HSDPA is now supported by many phones. Thanks to HSDPA speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s can be achieved. This is comparable with a traditional DSL connection. So the monthly bill for mobile Internet isn’t exploding, there are corresponding flat rate. Started by a conventional UMTS flat rate up towards to the UMTS day flat rate. By the same author: Paul J. Ostling. This day flat rate allows the customer to use the UMTS network of the respective provider for 24 hours for an amount of X. The provider Fonic is a provider for a daily flat rate. Fonic requires an amount of 2,50 euro for this service. Then, the UMTS network can be used by O2. O2 supports also the data Turbo HSDPA, but only”with a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbit / s. Torsten Heinsius

Daily Flat Rate

Month and day Flatrate nationwide wireless to the Internet surf an exciting topic with UMTS: UMTS. And maybe even the one or the other person remembers how hard negotiations between the mobile radio bosses in Europe were negotiated several years ago. It was not easy and multi-billion contracts were signed. At that time, you knew not what it is, but now, in the present, you can feel the importance of this technology. Especially but also because many million Germans via mobile phone and UMTS already surfing the net. And as little information on the edge.

Our former economy Minister Hans Eichel has can take many billion euros for the State to pay off the debt. At least a small part of it. Definition UMTS UMTS is to explain it very briefly and almost nothing but a mobile radio standard, which works with higher data transfer rates (up to 7.2 Mbit / s). Monthly and daily flat rates compare the negotiations from the year 2000 up to the present day, so there are tariffs many UMTS provider, which UMTS flat rate offer interesting conditions. The prices can go even quite far apart. To get a bad shock, it is therefore advisable to find out precisely against a signature to a month – or, for example, daily flat rate.

After all, who wants to be already on the table? Selection of UMTS tariffs to avoid black sheep it is essential to consult a UMTS flat rate comparison and to protect themselves against ignorance. Because who knows it not, briefly a signature is requested even shop by a nice lady in mobile and already you can not resist. The contract is signed, it annoys is everything signed and sealed, only in hindsight. The own rate is overpriced and it has overlooked the lower UMTS tariffs. “Bottom line: eyes on when buying UMTS”


The provider prima Mobile brings to primamobile.eu brand new tariffs on D NET quality on the market Berlin, October 2012 the carrier revised the existing tariff portfolio primamobile.eu in his online shop fine mobile GmbH and brings four new mobile phone tariffs at the start. With the new ALLNET FLAT on the D NET there is now a true mobile Flatrate in all mobile phone networks of in Germany and the German fixed line network and an Internet flat rate. In addition, monthly 100 free SMS to mobile phones can be used. The special thing about this offer is the price, because this is in the first two years only 24.99 per month. Customers save nearly 15 during the duration of the minimum so every month.

As a special tariff for beginners, the tariff is ALLNET 50, where customers benefit free SMS every month from 50 free minutes in all German mobile phone networks and the fixed network, as well as 20. The monthly fee of only 4.95 there in an action the first three months even more free. The tariff of ALLNET 350 so got an update, that with the renaming to ALLNET 350 SMART for new customers now an Internet flat rate included is. Therefore, it is suitable also for Smartphone users. The customers are also monthly 350 free minutes and 50 SMS available. To the low monthly fee of only 19,85 in the first year, there is free an Android Smartphone as a special highlight at the start. The tariff remains faithful to his recipe for success 8 WIN.

Calls and SMS to all German networks cost only 8 cents per minute/SMS. Smartphone users can also enjoy monthly 20 MB of free Internet usage. As independence is capitalized, because there is no minimum term and no monthly fee. New welcome bonus, customers receive 100 free minutes to all German networks during the first 3 months. All fares are offered on the D NET, offer best quality of connection. The company the fine mobile GmbH is a young company with seat in Berlin, which was founded in early 2008. prima mobile already for many years on the belongs to the Berlin-based prima holding GmbH, Telecommunications market is working and here brings a wealth of experience from which the young fine mobile GmbH can draw. prima mobile is focused on the mobile market and would like to offer customers a low cost way of mobile communication. These include not only price, but also rates tailored to the needs of the individual user groups and clear price structures, which offer a good transparency. Because the individual customer wishes assist prima mobile in the first place. Press contact Nicole Labusch fine mobile GmbH Ullsteinstr. 120 12109 Berlin 030-206 143 800

Outsourcing Of The Telephone System With AS ComTec

Medium-sized businesses can cost cut conventional telephone systems, which are usually in the basement of the respective companies through outsourced telecommunications systems, often don’t provide the features as they are available in large companies.Often, they are in your capacity limited or through the ISDN line. Multiple lines are only with appropriate number of ISDN connector possible, or through an ISDN primary multiplex access. However, for the company, this means high running costs and that only rarely need to often performance. AS ComTec computer service from Rodgau breaks so now. Through its partnership with the nfon AG AS ComTec offers a PBX customers, which calculates only required extensions to the price per month 6.80 EUR plus VAT. There is here no longer a limitation of the phone line. Every conversation achieved the PABX and the customer can decide what happens to the conversation. Thus, the customer temporarily increased demand can respond flexibly and avoid bottlenecks. The telephone system of nfon AG offers more than 100 features including E.g. any many incoming lines voice mail forwarding to email account CTI (computer integrated telephony) eFax queues & IVR call management more information, visit the page of AS ComTec

Video Conferences In High Definition

Video conferences are now the everyday means of communication at many companies. High definition video conferencing video conferencing include now the everyday means of communication for many companies. The advantages of video conferencing systems are obvious: avoid time-consuming travel, companies can reduce costs through reduced travel activities of the employees and the employees have the opportunity to use their time more effectively for business. The characteristics of videoconferencing systems for daily use range of workplace solutions for small – and medium-sized conference rooms to systems, which are used in Conference rooms. Manufacturer of video conferencing systems offer customized videoconference endpoints for a wide variety of conditions. The advanced video conferencing technology allows many types of flexible communications: in addition to the point to point understanding, with the participants from two different locations from each other to communicate, there is also the so-called multipoint Conference, the Conference brings together from multiple sites to a video conference. So this also can be implemented from a technical side, hard – and software solutions, the so-called multipoint needed conferencing units (MCU). In addition come depending on the scenario network components example gateway, Gatekeeper -, content / streaming server to use- or NAT-firewall-traversal solutions.

Gateways to realize the communication between ISDN and IP networks. A gatekeeper is used for communication between private and public networks. With content / streaming servers, video conferencing can be record and look at delayed. To enable communication through firewalls, NAT firewall traversal solutions are used. At a video conference, not only video and audio transmitted in real time; Generally, meetings of this kind are used for exchanging data.

These include above all PC content such as presentations or calculations. Thus one Communication between different videoconferencing systems is guaranteed, all well-known manufacturers comply with the international standards for video conferencing systems. High-quality images high definition is the current development stage of video standardization.