Please note: career-week of November 15-19, bullying is a phenomenon in our society is increasingly extending. To read more click here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Every tenth employee, every tenth employee was or has been bullying attacks from at least once in the own work life. Bullying is at least as common in schools and universities. The uncertainties around this theme are great. The webinar, which is organized by the international news and Careers Career-Journal.com, is on the 13th of December 17 – 18 a kompaktenu u overview about the backgrounds of bullying. The participants get appropriate strategies at hand to prevent bullying processes or to stop. Average, about 800,000 people in the workplace are bullied each year. Women are 75% more frequent victims of such attacks.

Also employees under the age of 25 and over 50 more frequently suffer harassment of their colleagues. Almost 99% of all the victims of bullying to determine to be restricted in their work and performance. The Ethologist Konrad Lorenz described the attack one with bullying Group of animals on an intruder. The causes for human bullying are less clear-cut. The leadership of the supervisor, the organisation of work processes or simply through personal characteristics such as skin color or social origin play a role – it is the otherness, because the phenomenon eludes analysis by representative studies.

The definition of bullying is far from easy, because not every dispute and every dispute within a company, between colleagues or superiors, is the same as to understand bullying. On the contrary: in each company there must be confrontations and friction, so work processes remain and companies not in a leaden standstill will expire. We have to live with this everyday – sometimes unsightly – stress situations and we need to able to withstand even that. However, that this Auseinandersetzungen constructive and thing oriented, resolved among themselves is important, and not personal Allegations or suspicions at the top and a personal small war that has lost nothing in the company.

Chief Inspector Greininger

Start of training for the police In April of this year was an agreement for shelters for people with dementia in Spandau”between institutions of Psychoimmunology signed network Spandau (Spandau of GPV) and the District Councillor of Social Affairs and health, Jurgen Vogt (CDU). Demented sick people who are found disoriented on the road and initially no information can make to their identity or their place of residence, are taken by the police in the shelter facilities, where an adequate supervision is ensured. This completes the first step with the establishment of shelters and their conditions. Now begins the second important phase of the project. To get more knowledge and understanding for the situation of those affected, 21 and 23 of the Spandauer launched Police today in the two sections of the police a training series on the topic of dementia. At this opening event about 30 executives of section 21 followed the remarks by Mrs curious Hamann, residence Director of Pro seniors residence water town, one of the shelter facilities. The high attention of the participants and the lively discussion you could realize that the subject is important to the officials and the training is well received”, police Chief Inspector Greininger noted after the training. Also the section 23 in the enjoyment of such training will come in the next few weeks. This intensive collaboration of shelter facilities and Spandauer police we hope a supply improved in case of need for those concerned for the district and make an important contribution to a dementia-friendly town Spandau”, said Mrs Martina Busch of the Bezirksamt Spandau and co-initiator of the DemenzNetz Spandau. V.i.S.d.P.