Wednesday Pharmacists

It is estimated that you between 80 and 90% of the pharmacies in Toledo, Guadalajara, Ciudad Real and Cuenca will make monitoring of this strike. The only exception will be pharmacists of Albacete, which was agreed by majority not throw close to their establishments. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert A. Iger. The Ministry of Health said that the closure is not authorized and the strike could be a serious offense which can be fined up to 15,000 euros. Pharmacies in Castile – La Mancha, except the province of Albacete, close this Thursday its doors to protest against defaults of the Board presided over by Maria Dolores de Cospedal accumulated a debt to the Group amounting to EUR 125 million. The President of the Federation of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs of Castilla – La Mancha (FEFCAM), Maria Dolores Espinosa, has estimated Wednesday that between 80 and 90% of the pharmacies will make monitoring of this strike. In the province of Toledo, the Assembly held in the Tuesday night in the College of pharmacists of the province agreed to close establishments this Thursday, so a total of 68 drugstores of the 387 that must be provided guard service during the day. For its part, in Guadalajara, near the 70 or 80% of pharmacies in the province’s will miss the closing.

Thus, of the 149 existing pharmacy offices, 20 remain guard during the day. The same thing will happen in Ciudad Real where 311 pharmacies that exist in the province will continue this Thursday the day of strike called at the regional level, while will be 56 which remain on duty during tomorrow’s. Cuenca pharmacists also join are closures, will therefore remain closed all pharmacies in the capital, up to a total of 24, except those that are on-call and either opens the 117 of the pharmacies in the province, that only the minimum services will be provided. Finally, this measure of protest not has joined the College of pharmacists of Albacete, which after three hours met in Assembly has decided majority do not throw away the closure of their establishments, as the past 29 agreed it’s July, as it considered that the closure might affect patients.

Credit Cards Generated

According to a study of the Agency negotiator of banking products. It is often abuse them at Christmas, summer and after vacation. Officials, liberal professionals and permanent employees of large companies are the most affected by the debt through cards. The abusive use of credit cards has generated nearly 65% of applications for refinancing of debt during this fiscal year, nearly double last year, according to a study by the Agency negotiator of banking products. According to a report by the Department’s analysis of agency negotiator, who has reviewed nearly 11,000 reunification of debts application files, three of every four applicants of refinancing operations have three or more credit cards, that frequently used to deal with their current expenses. Perhaps check out Walt Disney for more information. The half they have funded with cards more than 15,000 euros (double that six months ago) and fifth has exhausted its capacity of financing and find real problems coping with the payment of contributions by the high interest accrued.

The entity has pointed out that, although the holes caused by the cards represent a percentage under regard of total household debt (which includes a mortgage and an average of 1.8 personal loans), they can generate defaults which even put an end to the embargo of the housing. He pointed out that this situation can be because, although the amounts financed with card tend to be low in comparison with other consumer credit, high interest rates that entities apply to such funding (over 20%) may be suffocate thousands of Spanish families. When more La negotiator Agency is spent has clarified that the seasons summer, Christmas and post-holiday are the most prone to the abusive use of credit cards. In addition, it has identified officials, liberal professionals and permanent employees of large companies like communities most affected by the excess of borrowing through credit cards. Therefore, it is concluded that the indebtedness caused by improper and abusive use of cards has become a double-edged weapon for Spanish families. Source of the news: the abusive use of credit cards generated 65% of the pools of debt