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On purchased backlinks there are many different opinions. Some say that’s ok, that one for some back links also may require something to tell others that violates the Netigette of the Internet. But why many people are against it. Google and Co make us but against the whole, paid with your search results. Why then should any speak or normal website owners a small piece of this cake? Now many will say it again, but that Google is going exactly in its policies against the sale of backlinks, but then so should all of the big sites are banned, for online newspapers, etc. come from but not without this form of advertising. This also discovered some new entrants like Teliad and LinkLift and made to use. You may have created on your websites networks where each offering its links or buy.

The prices are, however, hardly affordable for ordinary purse or overpriced but pretty. So one should pay for a Google Pagerank 3 Link 4,00 per month and yet there are barely above Limits. Many questions now, of course alternatives. The best alternative here is certainly a free, thematic link. However, these are very hard to get. We have taken care of this problem and have created some networks, where you can get high quality backlinks.

As for a home helper is one example. Here you can get for only 1 one-content text links, no matter how high the ranking of the site. Second, we want to mention another new project with which we are taking it one step further. We offer here in addition to the 2 text links, with only a maximum of 10 outbound links and Content Text Links for only 5 a year on in-depth technical articles. David Zaslav can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the Google ranking also plays no role. The advantage of this real content text links is that there are more than 5 outbound links, your link back remains very strong, the link is placed on the content of the site, what is valued by the search engines at the highest and the price is only a minimum amounts of what you in the text link Brokers would have to pay.