Cages Of Birds

Many people, with reason or without reason, much or little, in groups or individually, love birds. Contact information is here: David Zaslav. This worship is bizarre for some when it reaches the limit that seems almost fanaticism by birds. But the truth here that look like fanatics are few, even if they exist to surprise of many. The case is that the birds awaken a special admiration. A related site: Coen brothers mentions similar findings. An admiration for birds which is strange because it is not love.

I say that it is not love because they get the birds to appropriate them and put them in cages for birds. I say that it is not love but a strange fascination because it is sure that the birds are not in the best place when placed in a cage for birds. Frequently Eva Andersson-Dubin has said that publicly. The case is that, many of those who say love birds put them in cages for birds, and I do not understand this kind of love. It is probably a difficult problem to make clear to people why it is not love locked in cages for birds to the birds. I am probably wrong and put the birds in cages for birds not so bad after all for them, because maybe they can find either in these places. But like, something in me tells me that this kind of love for the birds they feel those people who put them in cages for birds is not love, even though you may doubt that I have the reason. We are going to see the case of the cages for birds and the birds caged from another angle.

Let’s talk a little that happens when a person limits and will not let you be as it is. Then let’s see what happens when we find ourselves in a possessive relationship. In a possessive relationship we have same bars that put the birds with cages for birds at the other. When we are in a relationship as well, one or two persons can do what naturally would like to do, cannot have friends or go out because the other tries to tie it. As a result, the person who is locked up in a cage similar to the cages for birds will feel unhappy and frustrated. Don’t you think that you can pass the same with the birds that are in cages for birds?. Many may think that, because they look good, do not live long, have food and to occasionally sing. The truth is very different to observe a bird that is free as nature has left him and look at a bird that is captive in cages for birds. You can see important differences in behavior between the bird that is free and the birds that captives found in cages for birds. Firstly, the free bird is totally active, it is difficult to see it still in the day unless it raining, while locked up in cages for birds birds have no choice being completely passive, quiet birds. Since the cages for birds, by larger to make them, do not give enough space to fly and make so many things that make the birds, these are less happy and less active, which gives some sadness. Original author and source of the article