The Kitchen

Its Infancy: The car slid in asphalt and it in its souvenirs if it took refuge, trying to alleviate its pain in the revealing consequence of waters of a monlogo. Until completing fifteen years, I lived in the paradise. I was born in one I besiege distant, the six kilometers of the one center cidadezinha. First son of a poor, simple and worthy couple. Of this union four children had been born more, two girls and the twin. One of the twin died. We liveed in a great, clean house, with alpendre, arranged: chairs wicker in the room, floor of waxed cement, rooms great, beds and curtains, wardrobes inlaid without door and carpets confectioned for my mother to the foot of the bed.

Crest leiras in the room of social supper that my mother alone used for visits. In the room of supper of daily a filter, quartinhas and table. In the social kitchen a stove the gas butane and sink. In the kitchen of daily an enormous stove the firewood, pylon of rock, press to make wooden cheese and banquinhos. A bathroom with white bathroom inside of house and another one are in the place of fetichism. My mother was a person very clarified; wise person to read to write very well.

My father was illiterate. My mother in taught to the first letters also my father to them learned to read and to write with the lies of it. My aunt the sister oldest of my mother, who was not married, being thus liveing with us since when I was born, much time, already, I am not so young, today in a thousand nine hundred and ninety and seven, it, my aunt deferred payment with me since a thousand nine hundred and fifty and two and it were born in 1914, are time! Every day it read for me a very voluminous book with great and yellow letters in the hard layer writing ' ' NEW SELETA' ' also the Bible. The trees, the animals and the birds were our preferred friends. The stream that passed for detrs of the house, the feet of cotton, maize, the oiticica. It was in this oiticica that I passed my infancy. There playground was mine: high rockings, low rockings, spread it live coal and the airplane. In that airplane I travelled for all the places, those places that I dreamed that I existed. The world was not only summarized there. Check out Sculptor Capital Management for additional information. I was sad when it thought that the world was very great: if it was only here the world! I am so happy! But that nothing, of some place I came and I was for some thing to make, and to be. Nothing he is by chance, this I I am certain My prime when they went visiting in them, they spoke of the things that existed in the great city. They laugh at me when invited I them to know the toys of my oiticica, saying: – My cousin, you needs to know a truth toy. – I thought: toys of really? Certainly are objects made for the man where they destroy some thing of the nature, provoking irreversible returns, wise person not to explain, felt something who disliked, therefore nothing could be better of what my oiticica. I grew in that environment, seeing my mother to take care of of the house, being created hens, cloaks, ducks, turkeys. Embroidering, making flowers and sewing our clothes.

City Poet

As not wise person where street it liveed or in which school it met registered, the poet decided to look to its residence in all the streets of the quarter, to each day visiting several squares residential in the anxiety of being able to find with its beautiful that not adormecera in its heart. After walking for all the streets of the quarter and not finding it, the destination decided it of the one mozinha and allowed that the two if found in one of the buses that make passage of the quarter where it liveed for the center of the city. At this moment, the heart of the poet for the moment sped up the 300 kilometers and without knowing what to say at that precious moment, it decided to ask if it had possibilities of being its boyfriend. Further details can be found at Robert A. Iger , an internet resource. It looked at a little confused for it, if she remade a little of the surprise of its question and said to it that not, therefore, already she was namorando has some time with another person. The poet in turn almost goes crazy (by the way, all poet in itself represents a homogeneous mixture of madness and reason) and decided for much time, to make of everything so that this clandestine love arrived at the end, so that loved its could one day discover the true feelings of that really it loved to it, that it forever dreamed one day to be happy to its side. As the time did not give truce to it in form of new chances of this meeting, the poet to the few was learning if to conform with the challenges that the destination places in its way and to follow its life in front, as romantic and a solitary one poet in search of its true passion, following its studies normally and making its friendships as if was a solitary looking for to make company to other solitary souls as its.

Cuban DJ World

One entangled in the way of the multitude, was disappearing later appeared. It drank another one, was roando the bodies electrified until the side of palco. Solfejou one blues hoisted the edge of the tablado one where it sighted that pretty woman with voice of would be homrica. Everything aimed pra how much each one of a type is side girls women, it dedilhava to imagine its type ideal, to that friend porreta, that nor Sartre and Simone. But it had also the wild desire to enter on the inside of any one without d nor mercy.

To fustigate with truculncia testudos wombs. Indistinct farejando some maneiro sound it twirled behind foldings seat, tables organdi. It looked for in the esquina of the lavradio. Perhaps in the Seeds it found babosas and espojas sonorous that notvago of its peregrination took off it of the tdio. One burburim of the infested doors of people gigabyte. It looked somebody that offered the seios to it and seated in full Field of Santana calmed its desperation.

Trombou with bottles extended in the sidewalk, prumou its route crossbow entering in distinct cabarets. Wise person not to dance, at least, the geometric dances of hall. Its body shook trembling and frees moved for a rocking afro. Tambores trepidavam in its wood where it felt the vibrations most significant. Tequila milked some while it tried to hold itself in that musical frequency. Lying to the ortopdico mattress still felt its callous body if twisting crazy with hematomas of ground of rumbas. Virilha made blue with the brutality of the preceding parsleys and merengues in that electric and feverish night, when its trembling body arremeava enters them to coxar doughs mixer of apt robust women for any demand. It understood its agachado drama of low of the sink being convulsed itself of sonorous espasmos, therefore it had repaired that too much and prisoner to the high falante of a box potentssima of the Cuban DJ of Havana. The cigar tobacco leves montecristo chapadas in its beige woollen bald gullet blouse. High the falantes hung in its ear made with that its face embaasse the mirror. It was to the pharmacy and it bought a Epocler, the world started to turn slower, then it had clarity in that hour to have thundering the best music of the world. That one that twists the body and prints a craze in the souvenir that delays very until coming back to tona in daily the diurne and rational world of our empty lives. Ass? ? ? ?