Indigenous People

A protest by minority groups of the population, who live in the Amazon rainforest has been happening for almost two months in Peru. Small groups of native Americans, who do not speak Spanish were deceived by leaders extremists, who told them that the current Government had sold their lands, the water from the rivers, the bosquez, etc, to Europe. This deception did these poor populations to leave from their villages to the cities away from Bagua, Tarapoto, to protest the belief that were being dispossessed of their lands. The law adopted by the Government, protects the rights of communities, peoples of the rainforest. Nothing indeed that their territories has been sold, that was the lie of the parliamentary nationalists and others in Bolivia and Venezuela. The issue is that these populations had its leader and representative, such a Pizango, who do not clarify them the truth of things, but rather the asuso so that make a series of outrages that ended with killings, deaths, that still have not been clarified. The truth of the matter is that indigenous people have not been in anything stripped of their rights, or nobody has sold their lands, on the contrary wants them will protect from illegal logging, the presence of drug traffickers. If told that the Mayor has sold his house to ud, has topped it, sure that run to the municipality to protest.

But before doing so ud should read the documents, standards, which have been used for such abuse. But if ud has not read anything, what claim? On the other hand, the Government should put more interest to indigenous peoples, education, health, roads, infrastructure, titling of their lands, so so, not be successful strategies of the Communists of Peru. There is a struggle very strong by earning the support of the people for future elections of 2011. The Humalismo bet for this wrong strategy: fool settlers Amazonian and launch them to protest.