The Apnoephasen

There are causes of sleep apnea during sleep in every person to a relaxation of the muscles of the nasal preparation room. In the so called obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS), that we are talking about, it comes to a reverse shift of the tongue and a tight position of throat space, one can imagine as a muscular tube from more than 20 pairs of muscle. After the respiratory failure comes a deep breath, open the narrowed Airways and can be heard as a loud snoring sound. Connect with other leaders such as Time Warner here. Sleep apnea occur often duration snorers, heaped with overweight where the respiratory and cardiac reactions are particularly handicapped. The question whether the excess weight for the Apnoephasen is responsible or vice versa the apnoea raises a reinforced Essreiz and thus the overweight by deterioration of brain functions in the patients, is so far still not entirely clear. Signs for obstructive sleep apnea loud snoring, the man wakes up itself, possibly accompanied by tiredness, fatigue or lack of concentration on the following day. Strong, irregular snoring with more than 10 breathing pauses per hour, (but only guidelines that can determine in particular a Ceiled not through its own observation are each longer than 10 seconds.) Snoring in the interval; all of a sudden snap snoring sounds occur in normal sleep. (Similarly see: Robert A. Iger ). After a respite, the nasopharynx with a “snoring”sound then opens with deep inhalation.

Most partner or partners determine that the normal rhythm of breathing is interrupted and breathing pauses. Danger: Alarm response, which urges the respiratory Centre to the activity and the patient is awake, the normal sleep architecture, i.e. the normal sleep process and dream and deep sleep phases, is significantly disturbed. This results in increases in blood pressure and heart rate. For many people who suffer from high blood pressure, this alone can cause bad situations already. Morning fatigue, fatigue, head pressure and fatigue (“how whacked”).