The Awareness

And our own feelings have since apparently no place the things, the world and ourselves. Instead of our tracking, our desire, our intuitive WISSen, so to promote our individuality, is hampered they thus increasingly to awaken our vitality, and we create zusatzliChe inhibitions, which generally rather promote conformity than individuality and what at least in the long term, pulse, to be our pleasure favour a slow death of our real life. It is so not easy to go our own way, to find again our own in the dominant oversupply of aliens and to find. And we need more determined than the mere understanding that we are going in this unangenehmen situation. However, the shift towards growth support is possible at any time and in any place for us on the new! That’s the good news, it’s not pointless and it not hopeless to find ourselves and to find us here. On the contrary, we are also supported, supported and guided by the divine in us and around us.

We are perpetually accompanied by the divine force indicates what power be satisfied us then in our kleinsten motion changes towards growth as motivating us, strengthening and with love. The best part of it is that we are in the course of the awareness necessarily know that the most important thing that we really need for a direct participation in this wonderful life process, is very close to us. It is and remains for us in every place where we we even devised direct and accessible without restriction. This is indeed very easy and simply our selves and the willingness to be with us. And thus the inner movement is”the question of whether some growth conducive always a movement is, the US itself facing and thus a step forward to us even out.