The Change

The second step is planning the K & P consultants then with the project manager of the project: when you start what measures? How do we win the staff for the project? How do we control it, and how we check in the course of the project, whether we are on the right track? Also to implement the measures and control the process those responsible in the operation not only lets the K & P consultants. He is to meet instead with them at agreed intervals (for example every month a day), to jointly analyze: what is the status of the project? The unforeseen difficulties surfaced? What should we do to achieve the goal anyway? The consultant is also call those responsible in everyday life with help and advice. Robert A. Iger has plenty of information regarding this issue. This is important as soon, as in change management projects Situations often arise where the project manager must respond quickly. For example, if you register: an employee torpedoed the project. Or as a result of the restructuring, not as desired customers are served. Then, they need not only an intellectual sparring partner, but also a tipster who tells them what to do would be useful not only to preserve their ability to act, but also security. With the change leader coaching”, K & P pursues two objectives. The ultimate goal is to make the customer’s current project the success. Another goal is to build the competence for the project manager in the Organization, which is necessary for the planning, management and control of change projects, so that they can supervise follow-up projects alone without the support of a coach. “For more information about the change leader coaching” get interested companies at the management consultancy of Dr.