The Desert

Each blow in itself perhaps insignificant and apparently without consequence. And however as a result of incessant blows, the oak finally knock. And so it will be with my efforts today. It compares with the raindrops that eventually take the mountain; the Ant that devours the Tiger; the star that illuminates the Earth; the slave who builds a pyramid. I will build my Castle using a brick for the time because I know that the small repeated attempts will complete any company. I persistire to achieve success. I will never accept defeat and please my vocabulary words or phrases as abandonment, I can not, impossible, improbable, failure, resignation and withdrawal; because they are words of dunces. Can I flee from despair, but if I attack this disease of the mind, it would continue working in the midst of despair.

I will work and aguantare. I shall go overlooked the obstacles that make me stumble, and keep our eyes fixed on the goals above my head, because I know where it ends the desert, grows green vegetation. I persistire to achieve success. I persistire with the conviction that everytime it fails in a sale, will increase the chances of success in the next attempt. Every time you hear a me not, closer to the sound of a Yes. Every time that I find with a look of disapproval I will remember that I only prepares for the smile that I shall find afterwards. Every misfortune that occurrence I will contain the seed of good luck in the morning itself. I contemplate the night to appreciate the day.

I frequently failing to succeed. I persistire, persistire and persistire again. Every obstacle that I present, I shall take it as a mere detour in the path that leads me to the goal, and a challenge to my profession. I persistire and will develop my skills as the marine develops yours, learning to master the fury of each storm. I persistire to achieve success. When you have finished the day, without taking into account if it has been a success or failure, I will seek to make one sale. When my thoughts invite my tired body to return to the House, I will resist the temptation to do so. I will try to make one sale. I will make one attempt to close the day with a win, and if that fails I will do another. I will not allow never any day ending in failure. Thus the seed of success of the morning I plantare and guidence an insurmountable advantage over those who interrupt their work at a fixed time. When others put an end to the fighting, mine will have begun, and my harvest will be extensive. I persistire to achieve success. I will not allow either the successes of yesterday make me fall into the complacency of this day, because that is the great foundation of the failure. I will forget the events of yesterday, whether good or bad, and greet the new day with the confidence that this will be the best day of my life. I persistire and achieve victory!