The Experience

Even if we can not necessarily consciously Discover this picture stories in our daily lives, it is however likely that in our repertoire we have the one or the other version of it, at least in the unconscious. California hospital medical center insists that this is the case. No matter if we discover them now as we partake, or guess, or if we do not do this, the truth they do not fit. And everything that we perceive as separate and imperfect in us, kept looking into the overall his perfection regardless of our temporary perceptual image disorder. Seen from a higher viewing perspective are things always one and only separated. In this case perfection and imperfection must be one.

Put another way, the imperfection is perfection be includes. Which in turn suggests the inference that our imperfect existence as a person also at the same time is a perfect existence, even though we perceive only this an imperfect page by the two existing in our Zeitgeist of discontent. We now have insight into larger, more universal processes and contexts, even the notion of perfection is no longer foreign us and we know very well that both can exist simultaneously, and ultimately does indeed exist as such. We know for example really of the absoluteness of the freedom and their interaction with self responsibility, we are that already form a vision, a God’s enlightenment or as we also want to call encountered, it dissolves like by itself the misguided notion of separateness from each other, and we are aware that only a question of awareness is the Wahrnehmung of being separated and the experience of oneness. Our quality of perception determines also the image quality of the perceived by us. Namely, consider the things with our dual perspective, then we see it also as a separated from each other. And consider it on the other hand with spiritual wide-angle lens”widens our perspective, may dissolve the separation lines, and things are actually merging. Thus, the history of bestehenden here on Earth imperfection of life with the longed-for of us and too happy to visited secluded place of perfection Gets a completely different character.