The Fights

Davi was a young that did not live of experience of the others, it said that it killed the bear and the lion because it helped it to God. The experience that Davi had with God served of springboard to stimulate it to face Golias, the similarity of Davi needs in them to have experience with God, because they encourage in them to face the fights daily, much Christian is being defeated in the daily fights because they had never had an experience with God. matter in his writings. Therefore we must search real experience with God with the objective to be victorious as it was Davi. REASON: N II Not to use human resources. ISm 17:38 – 39 Saul dressed the Davi of its vestments, and put on the head a bronze helmet to it; it dressed it to of a harness. Davi cingiu the sword on its vestments, and started to walk; however it had tried never it; then the Saul said Davi: I cannot walk with this, therefore I tried never it.

Davi took off that of on itself. Interesting to observe that Davi beyond Having experience with God. To fight against Golias. It did not accept the human resources of Saul to fight against Golias. The times we want to face the fights but using only human artifice.

We want to use only our forces, some want to use its capacity, others want to use its influences, but in the end we discover that we go to be defeated if not to use the weapons that God left our disposal, to apartir of now we must undo of all armor of the man. to coat with the armor of God. with certainty the victory will be certain. REASON: N III Dependence of God. 1samuel 17,45-47 Davi, however, said filisteu to it: You come me with sword, and spear, and with shield; however I come you on behalf of Mr. of the Armies, the God of the armies of Israel, to who I have confronted. Learn more about this with Rely Services. The experience that Davi had with God, made with that it rejected the human resources offered by Saul and to depend itself on God exclusively to fight and to win Golias, This because God was with it. In the fights that we face in the day the day God goes in giving the victory, if each Christian to them to act accurately as Davi. Then the giants that if raise against in them will fall for land.