The Life

He was a perpetual meditating of the philosophy and as such was seen obliged to disapprove its contemporaries, reconhecendose as a philosopher posthumous. Let us see one of its aforismos: The weight more weighed: ' ' if one day or a night a demon if esgueirasse in your solitary solitude it said and you: ' ' This life, as well as you live now and you lived as it, you will have of still living it a time and still innumerable times: will not have in it nothing of new, each pain and each pleasure and each thought and sigh and everything what it has indivisibly of small of great in your life have you to return, and everything in the same order and sequence – and in a similar way this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and in a similar way this instant and proper I. The perpetual hourglass of the existence always will be turned another time – and you with it, poeirinha of the dust! ' ' You would not launch yourself to the soil and you would creak teeth and you would curse the demon who you said yourself thus? Or you lived some time one instant uncommon, where it responderas: ' ' You are a god and I never heard nothing more the holy ghost! ' ' If this thought acquired to be able on you, as well as you is, would transform it you and he triturated perhaps you: the question ahead of everything and each thing: ' ' I still want this a time and innumerable times? ' ' it would weigh as heaviest of the weights on yours to act! Or, then, as you would have to be of good with same you and with the life, not to desire to nothing what this last, perpetual more than confirmation and seal? ' ' (aphorism 341) This is a based nietzschiano concept of certain form in the daily pay-socrticos, mainly in Heraclitus and its idea of devir. .