The Objectives

which carefully ensnare us for millennia, only limited leave up to us and record in us. And thus peace can find no wirklichen room and therefore continue internal strife down place, which is also continuous in the outside. Learn more at this site: Dell EMC. We exchange only the enemy images, we change the potential opponents, but fighting itself has remained and is still without actual stop virtually nonstop. We continually wage war at world level between peoples, countries, parties and Glaubensgemeinschaften. The restless fight takes place in a constant conflict, and mostly we justify this with the sole claim to have the law on our side.

So ultimately, to defend our rights, to somehow in a constant defensive struggle to survive what then bore the illusion, that life itself has become seemingly us to the enemy. So we can say we have reversed the true life with survival. We are partners in war with relationships between parents “and children and between the sexes, what we call battle of sexes then heroically, and almost everywhere we meet this encounter with hostile disposition” on. The fight has become, gewohnheitsmassig us the attitude to the inner attitude. And we do not see, that regardless of that we might have a right, and also regardless of what the other does, maybe that we wage war, that we are even to the public is not really conducive, awaited the which prevent peace with our struggles. We don’t see that war remains eventually war, no matter at what level we lead him and no matter what so-called legitimacy and permission we live with out him. Fact is, the battle continues, is consistently close to us, and us to stay away from the peace. From the viewpoint of love there is no difference between the struggle of tyrants against the oppressed and the fight of the outsider, the so-called revolutionary, the objectives improve the world as justification of his battle against the existierende authorities abused.