The Outside

And to our anxiety before self responsibility and the threat ultimately assume not to meet. Since we usually have a rather negatively charged picture of freedom and personal responsibility, it is also understandable that we tend here to avoid the awareness. “If we can give from ourselves that these are all really just excuses, and that actually fear exists, we are responsible for our needs, to take over our dreams and desires, so be that, as we are” a whole lot closer. We realize well after that we can be really easy as we are”, without that we we need to rechtfertigen out there for. And if it not whatsoever and basically the case will be that we receive positive feedback, it is but so that we more often on well-meaning encouragement from the outside encounter, as we would expect this actually. In reality it looks like so, that are people, as we so often do the same, certainly welcome an honest, authentic appearance, and hence much more open and touchable.

In this sense, our experience is constantly accumulation on being authentic is not just legitim, right and sensible, but is appreciated also by the entirety as such and erfragt confirmed us. Thus awakened and grows also proportional to this authenticity our real longing after this, and we start allowing ourselves to be in baby to practice step. In other words, we would like this a slow and patient approach, try and convert, which the process of always more authentic becoming continuously nourishes and ultimately brings to completion. And thus I start just to admit it in winzigen exercise steps accessible for me, “to be as I am”. And in the same spirit, I’m My transformation, my self-realization patiently continue.