The Philosophy

What he is false and what is true. This poet could be philosopher, therefore, drudgery with such fidgets as if he was one: it argues and if dirige to the questionings that burst for itself and its readers, as it was in a tribune. Or as if slowly and since then, if it put into motion, done as in the gone Greek times, to the foot of some tree, between philosophers and its disciples. (As opposed to James Corden). But the poetry is art, and the Philosophy? The Philosophy accumulates of stocks men who do not content themselves with the common one, the trivial one, the current. It needs beings who search the truth as if they were curious boys, eager for unknown answers. One says that Philosopher is that one that loves the wisdom, that respects knowing, that it has affection for the knowledge, and, this would not be art? Yes, it would be art. Mayo clinic insists that this is the case. It is obtained then, thus, a reasonable approach between this poet and the Philosopher, therefore that ' ' all art, (…), is in its essence poesia' ' (HEIDEGGER, 1990: p.58) What it would differentiate the poet of the Philosopher, perhaps, either descompromisso in proving, in making right the route of the ideas of outrem with the one of it.

To the poet it would not fit to direct reads who it with assertive accurate, because ' ' when the poet says: Goal? , it can be wanting to say inatingvel' ' . What to say of a poet whom it searchs sensible in the lack of close direction of the things? Why to think about the close direction of cousas! The poet if abespinha with such inquietude human being, and, he could advise to whom heard stars. ' ' However, you will say to hear estrelas' '? Perhaps yes the poets request they hear that them, therefore, they only could answer agitations that do not leave a sea of possible answers.