Tinker Together And Do Good

The year’s action Ambassador for the Pampers/UNICEF campaign Barbara Becker met Franziska van Almsick, Victoria and Heiner Lauterbach-Dana Schweiger in Berlin on November 17 with former supporters of the initiative, to put together a shining sign against tetanus in newborn babies. As the lucky winner of the creative craft afternoon, 16 children from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland in the capital city, to the celebrities it came to help collect more doses of vaccine against the preventable infectious disease. And with great success: together they designed colorful lanterns and generated as the equivalent of 200,000 doses of vaccine. In the unique craft afternoon designed and decorated lanterns in the children’s Museum together with the ambassadors of action 16 children aged between five and eleven MACHmit! in Berlin. I am pleased that I was today, because I have the feeling, other The brilliant children’s faces and the glowing lanterns show, that we have done something great today. Together with the colleagues and the children we put a sign in the fight against tetanus”, encourages Heiner Lauterbach.

The project is still very to the heart. Just as parents, we know how important it is that children have an adequate health care. That’s why we support the action and want to protect mothers and their babies from this cruel disease,”adds Viktoria Lauterbach. Four-time mother and first German action Ambassador Dana Schweiger is thrilled by the handicraft afternoon: it’s impressive how many donations have come together. We are on the right track, our objective, to defeat the disease.” About the action of Pampers for UNICEF the five prominent ambassadors of Pampers for UNICEF action 1 Pack = 1 life-saving vaccination dose * “feel of the campaign still strongly connected.” With the handicraft afternoon they would like on the in Usually fatal disease inform developing countries tetanus in newborn babies and promote support, so that the disease can be defeated around the world. Since the start of the campaign in 2006, tetanus in newborns could already in eight * defeated countries. But there is still much to be done: mothers and their babies from tetanus in world 33 countries are still threatened. That’s why Barbara Becker, Franziska van Almsick, Victoria and Heiner Lauterbach and Dana Schweiger working together, so that no mother needs to lose her baby to this terrible disease.

To achieve this goal, every contribution counts. Until December 31, a DIY template for a lantern can be therefore downloaded using the following link: pampers donates the equivalent of 10 doses of vaccine to UNICEF for every download and thus helping to vaccinate childbearing women in developing countries against tetanus. * With every purchase of a pack of Pampers UNICEF logo help together with pampers and UNICEF, a pregnant woman or a woman of childbearing age in a Developing country against tetanus to vaccinate. During pregnancy, for example, only two such vaccines are required during childbirth and for the following 2 months to give a protective mother and child. With every purchase, a pack of Pampers UNICEF logo, UNICEF supports P & G in the fight against tetanus in newborns with 0,054 or 0.07 CHF.