Trenkwalder CEO Wieneke

But how long this situation overlooking the judicial question asked collective ability of the CGB are still remain, not. The DGB unions had neglected the time workers in any case. Rather, the organization work due to the ever-changing use of workers is very difficult. It was an increasing inlet but increasing. Recently Henry Jones sought to clarify these questions. However the temporary employment agencies and the usage of business were pleased of course, if there were relatively few members. And they prevented the formation of Councils also partially very successfully, although this would be to the workers by law. Requirement basically asked for more objectivity Trenkwalder CEO Wieneke an objective analysis of temporary work and a shift away from the constant bad-mouthing of the industry.

In Mr Schroder’s book, as well as Mr Dombre and the trade unions as a whole only the negative examples would Vice outwards, that found naturally in any industry left. On the other hand, the many positive aspects of the temporary work available in would find even not taking into account. So, for example, occasional high time workers quotas would be used again and again to scare-mongering. While the time worker ratio in the company there would be a total quota of only 1.3 percent of all employees in Germany usually between one and three percent. “The criticism doesn’t fit with the reality, here an objective approach would do no harm,” Wieneke. It would be necessary a factual discussion, that illuminate both pros and cons. Then, the temporary work industry together with the trade unions will find sensible solutions for the future.

Background: Trenkwalder Germany actively is the Europe acting Trenkwalder group in Germany since 1999. The company employed around 7,000 employees headquartered in Munich 2008 at nationwide over 70 offices. With a total turnover of EUR 200 million, Trenkwalder belongs to the largest personnel service providers in this country. Last year the personnel specialist award the TOP JOB as one of the 100 best employers in the German medium-sized businesses.