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A social net is defined as a set of two elements: actors (people, intituies or groups; we of the net) and its connections (social interactions or bows). (RECUERO apud WASSERMAN and FAUST, 1994). The boarding of that the net if valley have its focus in the social structure, in which is not possible to isolate the social actors and its connections. The social sites of relationship or nets are environments that focam in congregating people, the calls members, that, a time enrolled, can display its profile with data as photos, texts, messages and videos, beyond interacting with other members, creating lists of friends communities. (TELLES, 2008) As Telles (2010), some people confuse the terms social nets with social medias.

The first one is a category of the last one. Being thus, Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, are classified as social nets or as if it called in the past of sites of relationship. Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr, among others social nets, are social medias or, as they were known, new medias. Currently, diverse social nets destined the varied subjects, interests and categories exist. The most known and popularized they are: Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Slideshare, MySpace, Linkedin and Flickr. Figure 1? Soon of the nets sociaisFonte: Image of the logos of the social nets (2010) For Telles (2006), the Orkut is a site of relationship that belongs to the Google group. It was created in 22 of January of 2004 and whose declared objective is to help its members to create new friendships and to keep relationships..