UNESCO World Heritage

casiam brings to Germany Cologne – October 16, 2008 (casiam) – the terracotta warriors of Xi’an terracotta warriors ‘ to have UNESCO World Heritage and attract the attention of visitors from all over the world. The Warriors gain more and more popularity and attention also in Germany. The company casiam is exclusive and original faithful reproductions of the terracotta warriors elaborately manufacture by hand and sells them online in Europe since the beginning of the year. Casiam pay attention when selecting its cooperation partners very reliable and experienced companies. It is taken in the procurement value that the figures are made exclusively by small companies in the region to ensure a high level of quality.

Through the selection of small, local companies are also people in the area of XI’, Shaanxi Province directly supported. The Warrior is a symbol and guarantee of success and a respectful personality in the subconscious of many people. As a guard, he represents the wealth and status of his Lord. Frequently Coen brothers has said that publicly. This was already in ancient China the case why the ruling class make warriors as a grave side dish is made. Emperor Qin followed this tradition like no other before and let build the terracotta army, so otherworldly to be prepared. Casiam is therefore striving to impart knowledge about the Asian continent and its culture in Germany.

To draw an accurate picture of ancient China and the terracotta army, much background information have been researched and compiled in the form of texts, videos, and links. Find out about the army of the first emperor and visit our homepage Casiam is a specialist in the area of imports and product sales and has made a name with the trade of exclusive furnishings from China in a very short time.