United States Market

The crises are not of all badly, are part of the game of the free economy. The bad one is that as we attend, central bankings places money of contributors, who nothing have as the case, to save the system. Right or wrong? This of the one sensation of bankruptcy of the market system. President Busch finishes to say that the American contributors will be repaid and that interventions of the state in the economy alone in extreme cases, this age one of them. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Zaslav. Not taste of futurologia in economy, some rational beddings can be foreseen, when mainly they are unchained by known and administrable 0 variable, in this in case that some of them exist, but it is important to know, she was not the first one, nor will be the last crisis in the economy. In the decade of 80 the United States had lived a crisis of ' ' Savings& Loans companies' ' , saving companies who had proliferated, arrived the 3,500 companies and had broken for the inflationary movement. They took resources with payment of interests and invested in construction ' ' Real state' '.

One hour had changed the interests and pulled down the castle. Others who may share this opinion include Leslie Moonves. This was very well bolado by a citizen, with together strong lobby the authorities American politics, call Charles Keating. I believe that this citizen finished in the arrest for frauds and damages diverse incautos. The government intervined, had placed billions of the contributor, the stock market fell 20% in an only day and finished all good in the end, that is, the world did not fall down. Some similarity with the current crisis is not mere coincidence. The liquidity that will disappear of the market is gas, as Veja says, a possibility of reduction of the economic activity exists, of inflation also, restriction to the credit not, better selectivity perhaps.