Uwe Springer

The November 2008 was our most successful sales month since our inception in 2002, stresses Uwe Springer, and not even giving the effort, is the Pride in his voice to suppress. This elation can he himself but also good conscience abandon, because the prices are certainly not the only financial advantages of new car buying at ecoAgent so. We have launched an easy-to-use, but powerful referral program in the life, explains Uwe Springer. Who our recommendation timer is active and as a result, a car purchase is concluded, we pay out a nice premium. Source: Francis Ford Coppola. Mind you a cash reward and not angegilbte headrest saver with Kala picture or elderly navigation equipment from North Korean pilot production, which even today still stubbornly identify the Uckermark as East zone. No, cash professes is true for ecoAgent its EMP mistakes in a down-to-earth way his thanks. What however is by no means means that there to snag not imposing monetary benefits are ecoAgent in form of saved effort, saving time and saving ways. For ecoAgent is an all brand dealership.

Virtually all car manufacturers are represented in the image gallery, the ecoAgent in the regularly updated form to its customers sent. Especially inexpensive present themselves this fix and ready configured new cars; Here, huge discounts are available thanks to sophisticated price research throughout Europe. But the customer can in principle any car of almost any brand according to his wishes be together: color, engine power can be individually in order. This request car is then specially made for the individual ecoAgent customers in the automobile plant. Despite this individuality, the virtual dealership here can provide a surprisingly attractive discount range. ecoAgent maintains the customer at any time a particularly personal close even from great distance: no matter whether the buyer via Internet, E-Mail, telephone or fax with ecoAgent contact occurs, always a solid worker from flesh and blood to the page he is entitled to.