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The electricity market in Germany remains this year continues to be heavily in movement prices at more than 40 percent of all regional company since January to average 5.9 percent Berlin, April 21, 2010. So, according to a recent study of the independent consumer portal, almost half of all around 880 regional basic catering price adjustments made toptarif.de since the beginning of the year or have planned in the coming weeks. After the electricity costs for private consumers reached in 2009 new record levels, the trend of rising prices continues in many places this year. Details can be found by clicking Rupert Murdoch or emailing the administrator. A total of electricity increased about 360 companies by an average of 5.9 percent in the first half of 2010 at more than 40 percent of all local basic utilities”, explains energy consultant Thorsten Bohg, toptarif.de. With 60 companies have in turn, price reductions by 3.0 per cent in the medium made only about 7 percent of the local electricity supplier or specifically announced.” Power prices in May and June in the coming weeks many will be next even Consumers across back deeper need access through the Republic for their power in the Pocket. Overall electricity prices rise in May and June at at least 38 other suppliers an average of just under 6 percent, and in the top 16 percent. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to learn more.

As E.ON Westfalen Weser and E.ON Bayern increase four regional subsidiaries of the largest German energy group, including E.ON Avacon, E.ON Hanse, next month their tariffs. It will be more expensive in may for the customers of the biggest East German regional supplier enviM and Erfurt, Gutersloh and Speyer. An affected family household faces, with an annual consumption of 4.000 kWh in the framework of the announced price increases added additional costs of an average 56 euros sporadically even with up to 144 euro”, so Bohg. Only 3 utilities, electricity is cheaper in the coming two months.