Network Storage Nas Qnap

The company has created a QNAP NAS-vocational level, with impressive technical specifications for small business and advanced users. However, it is not friendly for the average user network storage, because incredible abundance of additional features of the new TS-259 Pro TurboNAS just takes you a few days to study. TS-259 is focused not on the average consumer, so if you do not have experience in using NAS, better choose a more affordable network storage dannyh.Takzhe as she will not buy himself a bicycle instead of the first Harley-Davidson. However, NAS TS-259 can best implement the wide range of functions, which put him in QNAP, so if you have the need for these functions, using the User Guide, with time to master even this professional data storage system. A compact black and silver TS-259 has two drive bays, can accommodate up to 4TB information.

QNAP has invested in its latest dual-core Intel Atom 1.66GHz D510 and 1GB DDRII RAM. TS-259 supports SATA I and II, and may provide iSCSI-services for virtualized and clustered environments. The main body of NAS are two ports eSATA, two Ethernet-connector, VGA-out and 4 USB (for expansion of disk space). To get started with the TS-259, you need to install special interface to connect the NAS to the network and power supply. You also need to install hard drives into the case – there must be work with a screwdriver. Once the drive is installed, you need to install the application Qfinder, which identifies the network and runs the browser-based interface for working with networked storage NAS.


If is deleted in the midst of the crisis, save, cut and released, then this gives the subconscious: ‘bad times!’ Actually, it is incomprehensible that, despite of the workings of the subconscious mind so much, that this knowledge is transformed into action for the mass. Politics and economics have a huge playground for this purpose. In lives consulting bestseller for a better life for the faith are booming on himself, for the release of potentials and positive thinking in all variants. The longing for a better life is a million market. If made in the prevailing systems with this knowledge of visions and strategies, this desire can be fulfilled faster and easier than you think. We can’t find all this knowledge when we hear from the current crises. But exactly these teachings are the key to a future before we need not to be afraid.

Today, as business owners or executives has not the visionary gift, the Opportunities to see and the talent has knowing the real causes of the problems, which will not create new jobs. Everyone, the people leads no matter which profession carries within itself the obligation to build visions in itself and continue to give, which are a good way in the future. If an entrepreneur manages to inspire most of his employees for a positive vision, he will be among the winners. We get lot of large and brilliant visions. Visions meet the spirit of the times is required today. Visions, which strengthen the confidence the people and take the fears of the future. The vision of secure jobs is the spirit of the times. In the moment where I scared to my workplace, the vision not so important is me healthy environment.

If the people in a company every day and several times can imagine, that their jobs are safe and above all that the fellow is a big step in the direction of success. What I honestly hope someone else comes to me back. The question is just how many people really want another a safe workplace. Fear or ego coming back to the sender. Each of the mobbt, can be sure that it will cost him his job. Anyone who bothers only with fear, to lose his job, will also lose her. The good news is, if we have driving all of us together in the crisis, we can’t put ourselves back together also. The emphasis is on together.


Bavaria’s most traditional bakery opened another branch in Steglitz, Schlossstrasse 107 / 108 Berlin/Munich, March 4, 2009 the demand for German baking tradition is so great since it opened the first two stores in November 2008 that already opened the third branch of Hofpfisterei Munich tradition operating in the capital. After the Hofpfisterei branches in the Goethestrasse 39/40 and in the Rosenstrasse Rahman 31, there is the ecological natural sourdough loaves now in the Castle Road 107 / 108. Two are not enough: since the opening, the Hofpfisterei in the capital before customers can save little. And because there are not enough, also the order madness in times of e-commerce on the order page of. For the Managing Director of Hofpfisterei, pleasantly surprised by this onslaught Nicole Stocker, who leads the traditional business in the third generation, there is only a consequence: If our Bavarian natural sourdough bread is so compelling, we just not only to expand “Berlin, but well within the city”.

Now the family-owned company with high pressure working on that from the Bavarian institution Hofpfisterei is also a Berlin. Old bakery: the three-stage natural sourdough matures 24 hours the secret of big round peasant bread of Hofpfisterei lies in organically-grown grain, no artificial or chemical back support and the three-stage natural leaven of Hofpfisterei produced according to ancient craft laws. It takes a full 24 hours until it is finished. The first stage of matured for four hours, the next 16 hours and after further additions of water and flour again four hours. The operation harmonized fine sourdough flavour and guaranteed pleasure and naturalness. We allow much time our batters, the flavour is best expressed”, Nicole Stocker stressed. All Hofpfisterei breads baked about twice as long for mild heat as usual. While the strong crust and the fine Crumb created, for the inimitable taste Eco natural sourdough breads of the Hofpfisterei are responsible.