The European

On this construction steel mats PP-20/2, fastened according to the energy calculation for this exemplary called House, hose lines. At the same time, a 32 mm diameter PE hose in warm memory is laid for hot water preheating. All ends of the hose pipes run through the outer wall of the UG inwards to the ISOMAX Distributor. Then all hoses to prevent rodents with approx 6 cm are surrounded by concrete. Over the concrete layer of warm memory, one is moved 12 cm Styrodurdammung to minimise energy losses upwards. This 12 cm insulation panels must be laid accurately with the vertically mounted panels without large columns.

The joint density to the outer wall of the UG is scheduled properly. This so-called hot memory is its function fully meet, if the described insulation professionally, adjourned so that future Sol Apure supplies this warm memory of beginning of + 9 C to 12 C () Depending on the climate) increase to + 17 C to + 22 C. This temperature very fast side flows beneath the building. On request of the owners measuring probes can be provided in the warm – as well as in the cold store, to visually assess the performance of dual energy system. The ISOMAX temperature barriers are on the exterior walls of the UG PP 20/2 hose lines, according to the energy calculations segmented laid per room, compensated with compensation plaster, with 15 cm Neopordammung and protected by bubble wrap and drain plate.

On the EC/OG-exterior walls are also the ISOMAX temperature barriers PP 20/2 hose lines, according to the energy calculations, segmented per room moved, with compensation plaster equalised, depending on the climate zone with 5-15 cm Neopordammung provided, fabric reinforced and equipped with grater – or exterior raked render. The necessary modernization of the roof, one is inserted 5-25 cm Neopor intermediate insulation (depending on climate). Between the insulation and the roof surface are also PP 20/2 hoses,. According to the energy calculation, moved. These then form the so-called ISOMAX solar absorbers. (The European average of solar radiation is 1,000 kWh/m2/a. Of we use hose lines 20-25% rule with the PP-20/2 approximately). With a temperature differential switch, a small circulating pump is activated to redirect the solar energy of the SOLAR ABSORBER in the WARM cycles. In winter operation, we would like to remove the heat from the hot cycles (+ 17 C to + 22 C) and route them in the temperature barriers of the exterior walls. In summer operation, we would like to see the coolness from the cooling CIRCUITS (+ 9 C to + 12 C) and route them in the temperature barriers of the exterior walls. Thus, an extremely cheap Delta T between indoor and wall temperatures for all climate zones of the world arises in the winter as in the summer at pleasantly smooth and extremely comfortable room temperatures. A stainless steel pipe-in-pipe counterflow development / ventilation system provides the building with fresh hot and cold air. On the Construction site carried the approx. 50 m long co-axial tube and 40-60% in the WARM cycle as well as 40 moved 60% in the cooling circuit. The efficiency of approximately 98%. An additional gain of enormous energy arises from the fact that in the outer tube air absorbs the energy of the soil (heat/cold) and thus provides the ISOMAX-TERRASOL buildings with multiples on other person, free energy gain. Dipl.-ing., Phys. Edmond D. Krecke

President Chavez

Definitely, Chavez from Miraflores Palace installed the IV Summit of the ALBA, which as mentioned with the participation of the Presidents of Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Prime Minister of Dominica and the first Cuban Vice President. Within its intervention Venezuelan President reiterated its gratitude to leaders invited by your presence and participation in this day that he considers so memorable.It allowed the Chairmen, authorities of member countries to express their greetings recalled Chavez, that 10 years ago, the first Council of Ministers were sworn and signing a decree. To the regard said: I remember the day I signed two decrees that day I signed the decree calling for the first national referendum in our history, which became a true open battle, then a few months, the constituent Assembly was elected to approve the Bolivarian Constitution. As outlines it, and thus the people saw it on national television, President Chavez said: that upon arrival to the Presidency, Venezuela was a hotbed, a volcano of popular rebellions, student rebellions and peasant rebellions. And this volcano did the Bolivarian proposal and call for popular power as formula, with no full guarantee that the output, that was but we did it; 10 years later we can say this, we were able to bring Venezuela’s violent labyrinth that was.

Told the President that the struggle to assert his Bolivarian revolution has been arduous, with many fronts to fight and that thanks to his tenacity, to the identification of many Venezuelans, especially the people with their ideas, ideology, so far has left avante – view of the first authorised representative, in the 10 years of his Government, has been the victim of conspiracies, coups of State, aggression, terrorism and sabotage, but always the popular will has been imposed, he said – she said that after two years of implementation of the Robinson Missionthe October 28, 2005, Venezuela was declared territory free of illiteracy, to achieve one million literacy 482 thousand Venezuelan, which decreased the national index up almost 1%. Chavez take this also in the installation and the opportunity of this meeting with invited Presidents, that they sign two agreements. One of them, the safety and food sovereignty initiative ALBA foods, among the countries that comprise the ALBA and Petrocaribe, with the purpose of increasing sustainable food production to ensure the safety and food sovereignty. A second agreement, it is the Constitution of a company Grand National food in the ALBA, which was created with a contribution of $ 50 million, from the food fund which was created at the dawn a year ago. Before the end of the session of the Summit of the ALBA, President Chavez urged attendees to these agreements, as well as other initiatives in the energy sector, food, economic and financial, are activated quickly, without delay. He made reference to February 26, there will be a meeting in Havana where they will discuss topics such as the Bank of ALBA, the single currency (SUCRE), as well as a unique system of commercial compensation.

Central Europe

God says the Abrao: He knows that your descendants will be estrangeirosnuma land that will not belong to them, where also will be enslaved and oprimidospor four hundred years. But I will punish the nation to who I will serve as escravose, after everything, will leave with many goods (Gnesis15: 13). God then promises the Abrao: ' ' He looks at northward, for the South, the East and the West: All fill with earth that you are seeing you will give you and your descent forever ' ' (Gnesis 13:14). Therefore, apsum long period of nomadic desert and slavery in the Egipto, and grandesofrimento, one another leader (Moiss) is raised by God to substitute Abraoe to lead the Jewish people. God says the Moiss: In fact I have seen the sobreo oppression my people in the Egipto, I have listened to its outcry, because of its administrators, and I know how much they are suffering. Therefore I went down to exempt them of the dosegpcios hands and to take off them daqui for a good and vast land, where milk and honey flow (Exodus 3:07). Then Moiss, with order of God, obtains to free the Jews of cativeirodo fara Egyptian through signals the holy ghosts and plagues that had devastated the Egipto.Deus say the Moiss: ' ' daserra of Abarim goes up this mount and sees the land that I gave israelitas' ' (Numbers 27:12).

Then, about 1200 years B.C., the Jewish people enters in the city of Cana (hojeconhecida for Palestine). 1.2. Sadada Palestine and Busca for a New Native land Therefore, Semitic history is constituted by umaserie of migrations, many times in forced way. The Jews had remained nPalestina until the year of 135 D.C., being expulsos for the Romans, had aoanti-semitismo, fenmeno of long date in history and that if manifest varied pormotivos. They arrive at the Central Europe in the first centuries later deCristo, to the region that would later come to be Germany, but that in that one momentoainda belonged to the Roman empire, and had established in the region some colniasjudaicas and if they had detached mainly through the commerce and of the artesanato, constituting with this a people before exactly of the existence of the German people.

Previous Professional

In second plain it observes the professions that you wrote down previously in that sheet of paper, and after that goes it computer to make a research detailed of each course, sees if it does not have discrepancies which do not interest you, it searches the curricular grating of the courses, sees as it is the work market: if it is saturated or insaturado, it searches the initial wages, and later grife the ones that had more interested you in that sheet of paper. After to have done the previous steps sees the courses that more take care of to you, the courses that more combine with you that is you must choose a profession where you see yourself carrying through, where you is seen carried through in executing, it feels pleasure in developing those activities. Many professionals choose its professions in the long run thinking about the financial return, unhappyly these professionals are maken a mistake they finish frustrate, therefore exactly after forming they do not obtain a rank in the market due its incompetence and or estresse therefore a person who does not like what she makes if estressa and if becomes incapable and the will that was to have financial return if it became a rock in the professional way, optimum if to make is to make what really likes exactly that such profession does not give the longed for financial return to you. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jeff Bewkes . 5 factors of prominence exist that the carried through professional possesss, the first one of them are innovation, the carried through professional carries through everything with agility joy and she will always have will to create and to innovate so that its half enterprise crea. Successively the motivated professional enters in focus the ability strategy and carried through she will have abilities to lead people, with excellency in management, using of strategies and projects to trace a productivity line that will satisfy the company and she finishes it and more important it is not the leadership of people, the professional that if detaches causes obtains responsibilities, it will call the attention for itself, and with this its manager will see that you are competent and he will give management positions to you therefore will see that really possesss talent and that it will dress the shirt of the company and will collaborate with the propio blood if will be needs. of basic importance to make what really it likes if making therefore with this you if will become prominence in what it makes with innovation, creativity, strategy of abilities, motivation and leadership. To be optimum in what it makes is not a seven animal to cabear is enough to feel pleasure in what it makes and all will come you to the remaining portion in gold trays.

Giovanni Alves

The neoliberalismo, known in the entire world is form of viabilizao of the capital, support, social responsibility, empreendedorismo is forms of if thinking about the continuation and not about the overcoming of this system of exploration of many for few. In what it refers to the development of the work the occured productive reorganization in the DIT (international division of the work), of standard conservative, on a large scale and of form intent and centered of the taylorismo and fordismo for the flexibilizado toyotismo, participativo to put with serious destruction of the conquests of the working organization it is the biggest concretion of the viabilizao neoliberal politics not only in China, where this method appears of production, but in the entire world, in special in the third world, detainer of great I exercise of cheap reserve, used to advantage for the great controlled corporations only for the proper ditames of the market that represent as OIT, OMC, ONU, FMI. Ricardo Antunes, great studious of the sociology of the work presents in them that the capitalism deepened the penalizaes to the laborativo universe. The work steady and regulated, inheriting was opposed of the fordismo, and extended the precarizado, atypical work. If you have read about CBS already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Today the work forms mask the superexploration, auto-exploration, as the empreendedorismos, voluntariado, false cooperativismo, demanded for the market as requisite for insertion. Superiority of a work died, robotizado, tecnificado, that it depresses and desconfigura the alive work detainer of the true value-work, in a way process toyotista of jus in teams, multi-functional age. in this logic that Braverman cited for Antunes, intitles century XX as the age of the degradation of the work. The current flexibilista standard more is coisificado, and participativo, but it is responsible for the desconstruo of the social rights of the work and new forms of precarizao (terceirizao, privatization, under employment, casual employment, informality, quarteirizao, increase of the worked time, precarizao of the social protection) Giovanni Alves it presents Brazil in this context as a country that if inserted subalternametne in the process of mundializao of the capital.

Car Market

It is believed that some previously made model cars seem to be very reliable and excellent technical characteristics. Especially Car Market prized by collectors, is possible to find exactly the car model, which is necessary, but it certainly will need time and patience, as the rare cars – a rarity. Buy a modern machine Brand Ford – it's not a problem, and try now to find a car that was released, for example, 50 years ago. Many motorists choose to seek their own desired car brand, because they do not trust intermediaries, advisors, which often sell far more important than to help. They are carefully processed the information on technical parameters, and compare it with the appearance of the car and make a final choice, and then using a virtual Car Market looking for your favorite model. Perhaps it is this attitude in the choice of machine is the only true, as you yourself take a look at all you are interested in the nuances and be sure that all you want.

To be able to choose exactly the car of that brand and it is from the desired manufacturer to ask for help in a virtual Car Market, since the choice cars there are very large. In addition dignity Car Market is the fact that information is constantly updated, it means that, for example, Honda, which has already acquired, will not appear on the list of proposed machines. Today many motorists to buy cars trying to find out about all the updates, HGV, in this case can be very helpful. News embody a lot of useful information, including the comments of independent experts that will be able to deal in a variety of cars on the market. Because HGV is continuously updated with new information about the automotive world and everything connected with it, they are indispensable for people who want to keep track of all developments auto world. Unlimited possibilities of the Internet, which is why in our time is not difficult to find absolutely all the necessary information about cars and automotive news.

Your Being

Audio the subliminal ones are wonderful tools, designed to replace with facility, the beliefs that limit to you and that they prevent to see you materialized your dreams. But you must recognize which are those you limit self-imposed and they come when you to the mind during any situation, to observe and darte tells that that you create it is not certain and/or it is damaging to you more than ayudndote. There it is where the audio ones enter the game. When you discover that your inner dialogue and/or what listening of your surroundings, it is limiting to you instead of animarte and hacerte to feel useful and valios@, it is when the affirmations of the audio one begin to replace to the old woman beliefs; and when you begin to live thinking you obtained that it; that you will be able; that you deserve it to you; that also it has for you, etc. Is then when they begin to you to make the hundreds visible of possibilities that before you did not see, so that your life is more similar to you wish as it. But like I have said before to you, yes that it is a long way with an uncertain end, that to seem is the best one and prettier way than we pruned to cross in the life.

The one to know us deeply and to create with our thoughts the person that we want to be, stops at the end of our incarnated life, we pruned to feel us proud and been thankful, of to have been the one who always we wanted to be. If or you were decided to take the step to improve your life, and to leave of lamentarte by what you do not have, or that you have and you do not wish to have; and you think that to eliminate mental wanderings and to focus your inner dialogue in your goals, llevarte can obtain that the reaches victorios@ Then you can be segur@ that our fantastic subliminal tools, will be a invaluable aid that will facilitate the way enormously to you, and that will abrirn the doors of your subconscious mind, to the energies that bring about gratitude and total well-being. The subliminal audio USA for liberarte of limitations and fears that are not yours. They will surprise to you!

Olio Milk

Now the Court must decide. “Until then applies: only where Parmigiano” says, he must be also in there. Surimi Beware when buying crab meat or tii shrimp: Surimi is it? Then it’s a fake: cheap fish meat with flavors and additives is mixed and pressed into the desired shape, about crayfish tails or lobster claw. This is cheaper than the genuine shellfish. And tastes not bad.

What seduced to do this to sell Surimi without marking at the price of the original. Alpine milk concluded Greenpeace in a study, that bear brand milk and Alpine milk of the dairy Weihenstephan created with much more corn and feed, as that is actually common in milk from the Alps or the Allgau”. Cows of the dairy Weihenstephan are up to 100 kilometers north of the Alps. Fruit tea sounds like a great tassenfertigen mix. Is it also namely flavoured granules, which dissolves in hot water. So no fruit despite tasty fruit-look on the package.

Light, diet, low-fat who it to the Weight loss is, who should know: products with these designations are not automatically slimming diet. Some, including the fat is replaced with carbohydrates. Such foods have a relatively high energy density then, deliver so many calories per 100 grams, and do still worse fed, as the University of Melbourne researchers found. “Extra olive oil” extra “quality means. “Is not always the case, as the magazine of Der Feinschmecker” noted: some discounters offer under the label Hitzebehandeltes olive oil, it just not more extra “should mean. “On the origin cannot be relied upon is: Olio d’ Oliva, extra virgin” stands up many Olen sounds like Italian origin. However, the fruit must come from all over the Mediterranean. Pay attention to the label!” What do just the numbers, codes and label on foods? The 80 brochure of the aid provides for transparency”, a club supported by the consumer protection Ministry. It costs 3.50 Euro plus. 3 Euro shipping. “To order the aid distribution DVG, Birch Maar 8, 53340 Meckenheim shopping trap supermarket self defense for consumers” informs the brochure of the consumer advice centre in Hamburg over the 100 most gimmicks. So there are answers to questions such as: why is missing the back shop in almost any supermarket, where lurking cheating, and why is fruit and vegetable counter at the entrance? To order for 7.40 euros (incl. EUR 2.50 shipping) at the consumer center Hamburg, Kirchenallee 22 20099 Hamburg; or see


Their teeth are cleaned at the points, which can be difficult or even impossible reached with daily oral hygiene. A fluoridation provides you with a longterm protection that surrounds your teeth carefully. In addition the gum for first signs of periodontal disease is examined and treated, if necessary, in a timely manner. More checkups are available for high-risk patients – saliva test for measuring tooth decay-causing bacteria, periodontal disease-gene test, the oral cavity cancer screening. For assistance, try visiting Does Jack Dorsey Have a Wife or Girlfriend?. Trained professionals show the patient how he carefully cultivates his teeth in the home environment. The twice-annual screening at the dentist should be taken by patients throughout and offers Opportunity to discover diseases in a timely manner and to handle before they can cause greater damage. What you do even for healthy teeth can you maintain your teeth! Brush your teeth at least twice daily and effective and clean the teeth with dental floss.

Attention dental-healthy eating. For the formation of tooth decay, not the amount of sugar is crucial, but how often your teeth to come in contact with. Therefore prefer once per day snacking and then rinse the oral cavity. So saliva can neutralize tooth harmful acids in the mouth and strengthen tooth enamel due to the installation of minerals, which are located in the saliva, again, breaks between meals are generally recommended. What foods are healthy for teeth? Teeth like the balanced diet that must be chewed and contains many minerals.

Fiber-rich and natural whole foods and raw food should be on the menu every day. Fluoride can Inhibit growth of caries bacteria! Fluorine is in legumes, fish, green and black tea. Resistance of the teeth are good, food with high calcium content such as dairy products or green vegetables. The strong immune system plays a crucial role in dental health! Many bacteria can be countered in the oral cavity, when the immune system works. Conclusion: dental prophylaxis can largely avoid tooth decay and periodontal disease. Consequential damage, which can spread of the diseases in the oral cavity to the entire organism, are also avoided. It is possible to take advantage of the own second in old age with dental prophylaxis. A great destination which wants each of us to achieve this with a little equity commitment.

Sabine Sarrach

Patients with maxillary reserve, the second most common jaw deformity, usually suffer from problems with biting and chewing. Through a cut in the oral vestibule, the maxillary bones including the nasal septum is dissolved, moved into position, and also fixed with plates or screws. When facial asymmetries, so a leaning”face, it is often necessary to reposition upper and lower jaw. The procedure corresponds to the methods of the mandibular or maxillary shift in principle. Bone up on the rack”at a too narrow pine (pine narrow booth), which has not enough space the 16 teeth in the dental arch and often is the result of constant, years of mouth breathing, can today even the jaw bone “expanded” is. The relatively new in the maxillofacial surgery method is called Distraktionsosteogenese.

This new bone tissue is formed naturally, so all teeth can evenly side by side. So far, several teeth had to be pulled to do this. Coen brothers helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The new bone formation allows a small apparatus which for some years in the reconstructive surgery is used and specially developed for the dental surgery. In a small surgical procedure used in a previously arranged joint of the jaw bone and extends the jaw gently, but continuously over several weeks on. Similar to when treating a breach creates new bone tissue, which is as stable as the other jaw bone after about three months. Since muscles, vessels and nerves grow, also a significant aesthetic enhancement this face is achieved as a result. In close cooperation with the orthodontist, the dental arches on the new jaw position be set so that a perfect bite together and one optimal physiological load of the tmjs is possible.

Professionals give such operations perform 2 hours pain and stress-free profile oral and Maxillofacial specialists according to indication in 1 under general anesthesia. The invisible from the outside cuts in the oral mucosa applied minimally invasive and are usually not larger than 25 mm. Through these small additions, experienced oral and Maxillofacial surgeries with little special special instruments prepare the jawbone. Through the new fixation with smallest titanium screws or plates the patient can reopen immediately the mouth after surgery, restrictions on eating and speaking are, if anything, only of short duration. Previously required blood products are therefore no longer necessary in today’s tissue-sparing procedures. After approx. 3 6 months the jawbone are completely cured and the final result visible. Patients can enjoy shortly after surgery on a full function and a beautiful harmonious facial profile. The oral and Maxillofacial surgery is as single subject specialized on the so-called Dysgnathia surgery (incorrect bite) and provides operational solutions also in serious jaw misalignment. Basically, a harmonisation of the jaw position is possible almost always and at any age. More info: Sabine Sarrach