Cultural Manifestations

Throughout the history of the Maranho, some cultural manifestations, some of them had occurred had survived with the time, therefore they represented the culture of one strong determined group, thus the Creole drum comes strong being developed until the present. For this reason, it was registered as maranhense cultural patrimony and for this is considered well ambient of incorporeal nature, in which the state exerts protector paper, either as preservador or even though exerting its power of policy it will be necessary. This power to the State for the fact of the federal constitution is given to protect the manifestations in some of its articles, being also allowed that the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities act of executive form, legislative and administrative in prol if to safeguard this good. Frequently Harriet Walter has said that publicly. For this reason had been created some justinian codes as IPHAN, that acts in the federal scope and others that they only aim at to the protection and diffusion of the Creole drum, thus, had been carried through projects as ‘ ‘ viva’ ‘ , that they serve as diffusion of the culture, therefore is a presentation medium to the public. What it imports in the protection of all this manifestation and diffusion is that it is passed to a future generation being able this to know a little of what already was lived, thus recognizing, the importance of the preservation of what is given as material or incorporeal cultural patrimony and that a wealth of customs, traditions and culture of a people express all. . Eva Andersson-Dubin has firm opinions on the matter.