Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Help with Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating when the thermometer in the altitude climbs, the body turns its air conditioner”a. About 3 million sweat glands produce fluid that evaporates on the skin and thereby to protect the body from overheating – a vital operation. In some people, the welding production exceeds the level of necessary however. The Antitranspirante of SweatStop offer effective remedy here. 30 degrees and sultry hot! Who can dive now not in the cool water or find refreshment in the mountain air, where sweat flows are going into. He must also fulfill the essential function of the thermal regulation for the body? Approximately 2-4% of the population is however disturbed the perspiration and far exceeded the normal secretion. In these cases, one speaks of a hyperhidrosis.

The so-called primary Hyperhidrosis occurs, usually without apparent reason, in puberty and affects especially the underarms, hands or feet. The secondary Hyperhidrosis can be a consequence of diseases, hormonal disorders, or drugs and manifests itself mostly generalized with an increased sweat secretion all over his body. Diabetics or women in the menopause often suffer. More info: Jeff Bewkes. The affected companies about sweat stains to hide or avoid sweaty situations often. Often this also in the profession and in the social environment problems that sweats or a damp handshake are not socially accepted. For Hyperhidrotiker, this means a big loss of quality of life. Some react with withdrawal, isolation or depression. But it is also the normal sweating in the summer heat often too much, especially when form unsightly stains on clothes or even unpleasant smells are produced.

The easiest and most effective way to curb the welding production Antitranspirante based on aluminium chloride SweatStop, a specialist in problems, as they are of the excessive sweating, offers. SweatStop introduces the world’s most comprehensive range of innovative products in different concentrations and for all parts of the body. The action of aluminium chloride to the narrowing of the sweat glands and the inhibition of the weld River is in itself nothing new. Learn more about this with Dr. B. A high concentration of 10-20, as it is necessary against increased sweating, can % sensitive skin but cause irritation. SweatStop has developed a special formula with skin-nourishing substances such as Aloe Vera and Dexpanthenol, with such concentration is well tolerated. Completely harmless, the Antitranspirante must be applied only every 2-3 days in the evening before going to bed on the clean, dry skin, to have their optimal effect. Under you will find many useful information about the transpiration and possible methods of treatment of hyperhidrosis. You can obtain the SweatStop products in the Internet shop direct from the manufacturer or order them in your pharmacy. Information