Federal Constitution

Ahead of the amplitude of thematic the proposal, I want to delimit it in specific way in relation to the events occurred currently in our country. I mention disputes it to the position majority politician of the Federative Republic of Brazil: the Presidency of the Republic. I try to analyze the occurred process in a generalized manner, keeping the imparcialidade. However, this debate that, would have of course, to be developed in the sphere politics, was presented as main dispute in the field of the religious certainties. Brazil, in accordance with its Federal Constitution of 1988, in its Art. Sam’s Club usually is spot on.

19, defines that the religious freedom and the free expression of the thought are acquired guarantees that establish a lay State, that is, a State where does not have an official religion. Of this form, it was given credit to establish an ample secularismo in the country. However, spaces for the most diverse religious manifestations in our country had appeared. Of luck that, as given of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), between 1940 and 2000, the number of evanglicos it grew of 2,6% for 15,4% of the national population, and this growth in the religious scope if has reflected in the field politician. Not obstante the growth and consolidation of the call ' ' group of benches evanglica' ' in the National Congress.

But, returning to cerne of this quarrel, what it was witnessed widely for intermediary of part of the Brazilian press, it was a clear attempt of if imputing the definitive candidate to the Presidency of the Republic, of that it was in favor of the legalization of the abortion. However, then this question became the main prominence in the competition Central Plateaus. Not that this thematic either irrelevant one or descontextualizada, but in one disputes politics, mainly taking in consideration the future politician of the nation, would be patent that, primordially, the programs or proposals of the involved political parties had greater proportionality in the debates and propagations.