Federal Constitution

In the question denmero two was asked if the same it found possible to reach objetivospedaggicos as values, contents, abilities among others, through debrincadeiras. (As opposed to Jeanette Winterson). Of the five answers, four had answered that yes and had justified aresposta. But one said that yes, but it did not justify its reply. Third question was perguntadona if already an attitude was observed during some trick queserviu of base for elaboration of some activity. All had answered yes epodemos to emphasize the F.C.O.J.A reply, that told something that was feitodepois of a comment: ‘ ‘ Yes. I observed in a group of the daily pay-school that the children played to devender ‘ ‘ coisas’ ‘. Then ‘ appeared the idea of if mounting one; ‘ supermercado’ ‘ in the room. I asked for that the children took empty packings of products and could promoveraassociao between objects of daily and its writing.

‘ ‘ Nemtodas realizadaapsuma had cited an activity comment, however they had not detached the possibility of that this occurs, poisas tricks can open space so that the child demonstrates what elanecessita, but that she does not obtain to express in words. Aquarta question was of certain well personal form when questioning which was asbrincadeiras normally used so that the pedagogical objectives that oeducador consider important for its group were reached. They had been citadasvrias activities of which we can cite activities that involve musics, bingos, games with letters, words or numbers, the ones that involve concentration ecooperao, amarelinha, game of the memory, among others. Aquinta question affirmed that to play he is something assured by law and he was perguntadose was of the knowledge the existence of some law on this.