Fourth Colony

It is in this direction, that if standes out the importance of use of a distinguishing way niche of specific market as strategy of marketing visibility, what if of, in these cases, by means of the culture and knowing to make place, providing new nets of production and consumption. The salient author, still, that the consolidation of these nets floats on ' ' the organizacional capacity local institucional that has been attributed to the evolution of the existing capital stock in the territory ' ' (MIOR, 2005). As example of organization of agroindstrias under the net form, the Association appears of the Net of the House, with the intention to join the agro-industrial producers to search forms to cure problems of legal order of the enterprises associates, and to search quality and differentiation of its products. Robert A. Iger : the source for more info. Sperry (2003) when analyzing the sprouting of organizations as associations of artisan agroindstrias, describes: ' ' The class action is not natural, is born of a necessity felt for diverse individuals being, this, very difficult to initiate it and to make to progress because its success depends on the degree of interdependence of that of it they participate and on the actions of each one: it is necessary that the interested parties cooperate between si' '. (SPERRY, 2003, p.126) Sperry, (2003: 109) quotation that ' ' the decision on what to produce must be based on the objectives of the project and not depend only on resources that already exist ' ' or, even though, the waited ones for financing lines, therefore for Campanhola & It hisses (2000), the local development must above all be a process of social reconstruction, which must be given? of low for top? to count on the participation accomplishes of social actors 3,1 Analyzing the Context of the Net of the House the Net of the House is an association not legalized of processors of products of animal or vegetal origin; fruit of action for consolidation of the image of the Fourth Colony as an identity differentiated in the regional context, valuing the local especificidades given by the interaction enters the culture of the European, Italian immigrants and German with the available natural resources. . Sculptor capital follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.