French Whey

Why casein protein not only at night is useful… David Zaslav is full of insight into the issues. Why casein protein not only at night is useful… Bodybuilders & strength athletes know for years that whey or whey protein is an easily digestible protein. Ideal for the supply of protein & recovery after the workout. Some may take hydrolyzed whey or whey protein, since it is digested faster than regular whey protein. This happens because the long protein chains into shorter fragments were split up. You are basically the predigested”! Also know strength athletes, that casein due to his slow digestibility ideally should be used before bedtime, to possible catabolic phase”to minimize.

“Current research results have shown that there is an improved protein synthesis if you in your Post Workout shake” mix the whey protein casein protein. Now ask yourself certainly which casein would be best? There are Yes, the fast digesting hydrolysed casein… To the other, there are the normal (micellar & caseinate) Casein… In a French study, 21 male & female study participants received a weight gain shake with 700 kcal, high amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. In a group the source of protein was hydrolyzed casein, while the second group a shake with all got (micellar or Caseinate) casein. As it turned out, the muscle protein synthesis from the group that drank the shake with all casein was stronger.

In the group that got the shake with hydrolysed casein, more protein was used for functions, that had nothing to do with muscle growth (E.g. improved hair growth, skin healing, wound healing, immune system). In a second study on the effects of hydrolysed casein protein whole, where no other calories (carbohydrates, FAT) were given, was the result reversed. She noted that that as long as it is taken on its own, is used more casein protein for muscle building, if you consume it in the hydrolysed form. What form of casein after training as a Accompaniment to whey or whey protein the right is, depends on the objective. If you control your carbohydrate and calorie intake Max 30gr want carbs and no fat, build muscle & at the same time body fat to dismantle your whey protein shake should you add hydrolyzed casein protein, to. Are interested in weight gain, however, if you decide for a whole casein (for example, micellar or Caseinate) stuffers your whey protein shake after a workout. Also you should set on high carbohydrate & fat quantities after the workout. For example, you can use as easily digestible carbohydrate maltodextrin. Due to the higher proportion of protein, I recommend milk (3.5% fat) or weight-gain powder. Milk contains a lot of fat as well as casein and whey as a natural source of protein in the ratio 80/20. Although the conventional body recommends opinion to avoid fat, trainig but casein protein acts as a result apparently in a synergistic way with fat together, leads to greater muscle growth. Another Study also demonstrated that whole milk (3.5% fat) which consumed post-workout results compared to skimmed milk with an increased muscle protein synthesis.