Successful Development

Lecture by Britta Steele, SolveDirect, at Gartner vendor networking event in Vienna Vienna, March 4, 2011 events have the Gartner vendor networking proved to be valuable platforms for the thoughts and established exchange of experience among industry colleagues. On March 8, 2011, Britta Steele, head of global focuses on marketing the SolveDirect Service Management GmbH, the challenges of building a brand for a global IT providers to bring. In a keynote speech, she described its strategy, its approach to the implementation and their past experiences. The paper serves as the basis for further talks and discussions at the informal networking event, which is organized by the Gartner Austria GmbH. In a brand a variety of functional and emotional characteristics are expressed, which can be critical to the purchase for customers. With the correctly developed image a company position clear against its competitors. Go to mayo clinic for more information. The SolveDirect Service Management GmbH has a massive growth of the market for its products and the geographical expansion of the company recognized the need to build SolveDirect as brand and market.

Britta Steele has 20 years of experience in all areas of strategic marketing for B2B international IT companies such as brand management, field marketing, and business development. Their strategy for SolveDirect includes a clear positioning of the company as well as the development and expansion of relationships with analysts, media and Influencern, and thus creating a presence of the SolveDirect brand in the international market market and competition analyses. SolveDirect reduces the complexity of service management integration processes across a variety of outsourcing service providers across, which can be physically distributed all over the world”, says Brita Steele. (Source: doug imbruce). Thus, we solve the problem of many companies and service management provider, that they have more and more fragmented workflows. Also the technical prerequisites are missing just small and medium-sized enterprises. The virtual company in the future will be large, medium-sized and small service partner and customers integrate seamlessly and in real time via a service management hub in the cloud.