A very important factor in the care of the skin is keep it clean and hydrated, you can wash it daily in the morning or the evening and if you suffer from oily skin washing your face twice a day, do not forget however use a refreshing lotion and moisturizing cream light in order to maintain the moisture of your skin and prevent wrinkles being markedthe properties of argan oil serve you perfectly for this purpose if you use it once a day and very sparingly. If you suffer a form of deeply cleanse your skin of acne is using tea tree oil, another product which although it bears the name of oil is non greasy to the contrary is an excellent astringent, and similar to cosmetic argan oil is topical and only should be used in low amounts. If you suffer from acne to avoid infections and do a deep cleaning tries to make you a vaporization of about 10 to 15 minutes, in the last 5 minutes if you take the strong odor of oil from the tea tree that is as eucalyptus adds a drop to water. To make the vaporization adds hot water into a Bowl wide of preference a tray or a large bowl, put your face close to the steam and you cover your head with a towel, be careful to not get too close to the steam to not burn your face, vaporization aims to open the pores and your skin to sweat out all the impurities and toxins from the skin, this way you also remove blackheads, when they have passed some 5 minutes add one or two drops of tea tree oil and tries to continue with your steaming for another 5 to 10 minutes more. If you do not soportaste the smell no matter for the following uses an infusion of Chamomile, or arnica instead of water after your infusion get a light exfoliation and washing your face with mild soap or cleansing lotion, after that apply cleansing lotion and takes advantage of the properties of argan oil to moisturize and repair the tissues of your skin when you apply two drops of this oil as moisturizer. Vaporization can make you it once a week, you will see results and you will feel your face clean and smooth, soon acne will disappear and it is best that both the tea tree oil and cosmetic argan oil contain antiseptic and antibacterial agents that avoid acne lesions become infected, also both oils help to heal quickly and argan oil prevents marks on the skin and returns you to this elasticity and smoothness. If acne is very persistent, you can apply after washing your face three drops diluted in your face, remember that unlike argan that is hypoallergenic oil, tea tree oil is very strong, it is best to take a test on the forearm with a drop to see if good drops you before using itIf it gives you itching or not becomes red zone where you applied it can proceed to apply it to your face and if not dilute it with water until don’t cause you effect adverse or simply used other astringent natural softer as Apple juice or cucumber.