Berlin Radio Scene

“my mio: German indie-pop about modern urban fairy tale full of melancholy (thk) really wonderful guitar pop”. Three words meet the daily mirror ‘, to accurately describe the sound of the highly acclaimed Berlin-based band of my mio. “The editors of radio Sputnik (mdr) heard melodies, one a verzucktes smile at’s face paint and German texts that are never flat, but not too catastrophic”. “With the songs from their debut album somewhere in this great city” (guerrilla/da-music sound, release date: 08/2009) including the single if we knew “that indie-pop Quartet (vocals/bass, piano, guitar, drums), 2008 (rbb) established RadioAward with the support of radio Fritz to the finals of the ARD for new music, now on a club tour coming. There are live to hear the urban tales of my mio a 2006 founded formation, named after the eponymous literary artwork by Astrid Lindgren.

The songs”, made radio Sputnik, are loaded with melancholic severity all dreamy or upbeat ease inspired by always on the banality of everyday life over, although different in texts about nothing”. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Ostling, another great source of information. “That my mio, whose Lieder are currently on iTunes and Amazon mp3 on offer, have great potential, is how many mm listeners them all sides also confirmed by Uncle Sally’s, whose Rezensent felt the same need: we eagerly await more of the Prince”. Tickets to the concerts of the band hot tips are available at the box office. Reprint free of charge; My mio urban fairy tale “Tour 2009 17: 04 Berlin, Lido (support from chapeau claque) 18: 04 Brandenburg, Panorama Bar 24.04 Cologne, Blue Shell (with Gigi home recording) 25.04. Munster, AMP * (support by Jeremy Warmsley) 07: 05 Bayreuth, glass house (with the elegant rest) 08: 05 Ebersberg (Bavaria), REC (with witness) 12: 05 Potsdam, nil (with Enno Bunger) 13: 05 Brandenburg, Baikonur (with Enno Bunger)” 14: 05 Schwerin, Kulturbuchhaus (with Enno Bunger) 15: 05 Oldenburg, polyester (with Enno Bunger) 16.05 Hamburg, Kukuun (with Enno Bunger) 17: 05 Berlin, Duncker * 05.06. Potsdam, Linden Park (support of radio pilot) start: 20: 00, * = start: 21: 00 links: meinmio, meinmio, facebook, twitter publicity, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88/9